Dragon Raja Fighter Class Guide: Gems Core Build, Best Allies & Skills Info 2021

Started playing Dragon Raja and wondering about the latest fighter class? Read on for Dragon Raja Fighter class guide; gems, core build, and skills info

Dragon Raja Fighter ClassArticle Contents⇓

Introduction: –

Fighter class is one of the five classes featured in the Dragon Raja global version. As a newbie, you can not pick the fighter class as it’s locked for the new players. You can only switch to it by reaching the 70th level of any one of these classes; Assassin, Blade Master, Soul Dancer, and Gunslinger. To perform the class transfer to Dragon Raja Fighter class, the player must complete the main quest 69; Prepare for tomorrow first. And, you must have 300K gold coins in the account. You can read the change class guide here. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Dragon Raja Fighter Class guide – gems core build set up and skill info. 

Dragon Raja Fighter Class 2021⇓

Fighter is the DPS class in the Dragon Raja game with close-ranged skills and attacks. You will be dealing with the enemies by unleashing powerful “kicks” and “punches” – call it a Kung-Fu master class. It has a companion named Titan that provides fire support and the ability to cast the merging skills for more sustainable damage. Fighter’s main strength is punching and kicking the enemies and inflicting the damage. The survivability is as good as Gunslinger. 

  • Strength – DPS
  • Type – Melee/Close-Ranged
  • Good For – those who want to play solo DPS, love martial-arts, close-ranged battles
  • Should you transfer – well, it’s totally up to you. If you are bored with the current one, try changing the class

Fighter Class Core Build 2021 – Gems⇓

  • x5 Fire/Red Gems – for more STR
  • x9 Wind/Green Gems – for more DEX
  • And, x2 Water/Blue Gems – for more INS

Build info 

  • CON – x1 PT. adds HP by 400, PDEF by 2, MDEF by 2, and Crit Res by 2
  • STR – x1 PT. adds HP by 120, PATK by 5, AP by 2
  • INT – 1 PT. adds HP by 120, Multistrike by 2
  • DEX – 1PT. adds HP BY 240, PATk by 2, CRIT by 4, MS by 4
  • INS – 1 PT. adds HP by 240, PATk by 2, AP by 4, CDR by 4

For Fighter, you have to focus on P.ATK and AP – these are the main attributes to build up and make it stronger. 

Dragon Raja Fighter Class Best Allies: –

  • Erii Uesugi – Main/Center
  • Supporters; Chisei Gen, NoNo, Johann Chu, Ruru Kamama

Fighter Skills: –

  • Shocker Punch – delivers a shocker punch at the target, releasing x3 shocker punch/mountain kick
  • Flying Swallow – kicks the target to cause PHY DMG
  • Giant Strength – self-buff and unleashes lightning combo punch/kick
  • Mountain Kick – kicks the target
  • Fiery Blasting Punch – inflicts ample PHY DMG to x5 enemies 

Fighter also has a companion called Titan who has different skills: –

  • Territorial Force Field – applies shield and inflict ample PHY DMG to surrounding targets 
  • Assault Mode – unleashes powerful practical beam that causes ample PHY DMG to enemies
  • Eye of the Storm – casts ample missiles at the target 
  • Cross Impact – massive PHY DMG + charging merging energy
  • Merging – merges with the character and grant the HP 

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So that’s all in this post on Dragon Raja Fighter Class guide 2021, best gems to build the core, etc. Share your build recommendations in the comments. 

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