Scary Child Walkthrough Guide All Levels

Scary ChildScary Child is a new horror game for mobile devices by Z & K, the creators of Scary Teacher 3D game. Check out the Scary child game walkthrough guide to complete all the levels in minutes

Scary Child is an awesome horror game for Android in which you have to complete some challenging missions, solve mysteries, find keys, and complete the objectives. At each level of the game, the player has to complete a specific objective to play next level. In this post, we have covered everything about the Scary Child game; check out the Scary child walkthrough and complete all the levels in no time.

Scary Child – Get Started

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play, move, pick up items, use items, and much more.

The tutorial covers the first two levels. In the first level, you learn the character navigation; just use the joystick, at the bottom-left corner to move the player, how to pick up items; just go close to an item and tap on the hand icon.

In the second chapter, you enter the child’s house. The main door is locked, enter the code to unlock it; at this stage, you learn how to use hints. The code is – 1 2. And the tutorial covers the first two levels of the game. Now, let’s begin the rest levels walkthrough;

1.) Scary Child Walkthrough Level 3

In this level, you need to find the master key. The master key used to open all the doors in the house and it is very much important. After you enter the house, follow these instructions to complete this objective;

  • You need to find the key room.

Go further/ahead – then move right side – then move right side again – go to the last, close to the door. Open the door -> select the ladder and grab the master key.

2.) Scary Child Walkthrough Level 4

At this level, you have to visit the garage and pick up a specific item. To complete this level, follow these instructions;

Step 1.) Get out of the house.

Scary ChildStep 2.) Now go to the left side of the house. You will find the garage, go close to it and use the crowbar to open the garage. Tap on the crowbar on your inventory and use it.

Step 3.) Now enter the garage and pick up the whoopee cushion. That’s it. Level 3 has been completed.Scary Child

3.) Scary Child Walkthrough Level 5

At this level, you have to find and open the cupboard in the old living room. To complete this level, follow these instructions;Scary Child

  • Move two steps ahead
  • Then move to the right side
  • And move two-three steps ahead again, then move to the right side
  • Go close to that door to open it

Here’s the picture of the living room;Scary Child

Enter the living room, go close to the cabinet and tap on the master key. Pick-up the magical book and leave the room. If the scary child finds you, then use the distractor.

4.) Scary Child Walkthrough Level 6

At this level, you have to find and collect two food boxes. These boxes can be found in rooms; kitchen. When this level starts, open the room in front of you and collect one food box from there.

To collect second food box, go and explore the house; go to rooms and look for the second box. I played it two times; the first time it was inside the cabinet and in the second time, on a table.Scary Child

5.) Scary Child Walkthrough Level 7

At this level, you have to go to the bathroom and lock the bathroom door. To complete this level, find the boy; use ghost indicator. You will find him inside a room, go close to the door; carefully and close the door by tapping on the hand icon.Scary Child

After it, you have to find the weapon; look at the wall and point to the sword. Tap on the hand icon to collect it.

Scary ChildAfter it, tap on the sword on your inventory to attack the scary child.

6.) Scary Child Walkthrough Level 8

At this level, you need to find the dye.

The very first step is tap on the inventory item to distract the scary child and get out of the room. Tap on the item and get out of the room.

Go outside the room -> move left side -> then again left side. Open this room and get the dye;Scary Child

Now go back to that room(from where the level starts), you will find the scary child. Don’t be afraid, just go and enter the sub-room and go close to the shower and spray by tapping on the dye icon on the inventory.Scary Child

Once done, run away and hide{tap on the eye icon, at the bottom-right corner). That’s it.

7.) Scary Child Walkthrough Level 9

At this level, you have to find the picture of a victim. The very first task is, find the TV remote. Go back to the same room(from where we go to the bathroom to spray the water). You will find the tv remote near teddy bear toy.Scary Child

Now turn on the TV. Go to the TV room(near the main door – at the left side – open the door – then open the door next to it).Scary Child

Go close to the TV, turn on the tv by tapping on the remote icon on the inventory and run away.

After it, go to the basement. Go back to the TV room, there is a hidden route to the basement. Go there.Scary Child

Go close to that wooden cabinet and tap on the icon on your inventory and pick up the picture.Scary Child

8.) Scary Child Walkthrough Level 10

This is the final chapter of Scary Child. In this level, you have to hang the picture in his bedroom and lock the scary child.

Just go to his bedroom(from where we collected the TV remote). There would be a chair, go close to it and change the camera view like below picture and tap on the icon in the inventory.

That’s it. Scary Child game all levels completed. Also, see – Granny Game Walkthrough. Also, see – Best games like this one.

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