Second Galaxy Best Career & Nations Guide

Second Galaxy Best Career & Nation guide – started playing Second Galaxy and wondering what are the nations and career? Check this character development guide to start wisely

In the Second Galaxy game, the very first thing that you do is creating a character. In this character creation process, the player needs to choose the pilot’s nation and career. And, in both these aspects, you have a variety of options. And, as a beginner, it’s hard to choose the best nation or best career – because you have just started playing the game and have no idea how the game works. So to help all those player figuring out what are the nations and career, we have shared a beginner’s Second Galaxy Best Career and Nation guide. So let’s get started.

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Second Galaxy Best Career and Nations

What are the nations in the Second Galaxy game?

Second Galaxy Best Career and NationAt the beginning of the game, you need to choose one out of the four nation choices. Depending on the nation choice, you will get a specific starter ship for free. Also, it determines the starting solar system. Different nation ships have different strengths. For example – ECD(Economic Community of Dawn) is one of the four nations – ships offered by this nation excels in speed and close-range combat battles.

Second Galaxy Nations List –

  • ECD – Economic Community of Dawn
  • NEF – Neo-Europan Federation
  • OE – Oracle Empire
  • RS – Republic of Svarus

ECD – 

As mentioned before, ECD ships excel in speed and close range. With top-tier speed, these ships can travel fast in the solar system. Also, its blaster weapon system gives you an edge in the close-range battles(high damage).

  • Starting Ship – Tier 1 Tech(ECD Frigates, Destroyers + Blasters) – If you choose ECD nation

NEF – 

Ships offered by this NEF are known for the tank tag – that means the ships can soak most of the damage from the enemies because of the shield and armor stats. And, because of these perks, you never afraid to raid hostiles. What about the disadvantage? It excels in shield, armor or soaking damage – so don’t expect high damage.

  • Starting Ship – Tier 1 Tech(NEF Frigates, Destroyers + Missiles) – if you choose NEF nation

Oracle Empire – 

Oracle Empire nation offers the ships equipped with laser weapons – and, excels in dealing high damage to the enemy targets. Example – Convert Frigate is the ship offered by this nation. It shoots a target with a laser within 12KM(depends on the tier) and deals 570 damage.

  • Starting Ship – Tier 1 Tech(OE Frigates, Destroyers + Lasers) – if you choose Oracle Empire nation

Republic of Savrus

The ships offered by RS nation comes with a variety of effects – long-distance attack(railgun weapons), AoE damage(if in range), energy and velocity boosters, etc.

  • Starting Ship – Tier 1 Tech(RS Frigates, Destroyers + Railguns) – if you choose RS nation

What is the best nation to choose in the Second Galaxy?

Second Galaxy Career and NationWell, choose anyone. If you want high speed, choose ECD. For high damage, choose OE or RS. If you want solid ship(high armor and shield), choose NEF. It does not matter – because you can change the ships anytime. Once you complete a certain chapter(chapter 2 maybe) in the Second Galaxy, the license function will get unlocked. From there you(pilot) can acquire the license of the ships belong to any nation. And, you can buy ships from the mall. To use, deploy in the ship slot in ship hangar menu.

Second Galaxy Career List: –

  • Soldiers
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Explorers

Once you have decided the nation, it’s time to choose the best career. All these careers offer different buffs in different aspects. And, like the nations, this choice only affects the initial tech.

  • Soldiers – Weapon enhancers & production
  • Engineers – Energy rechargers & attachment production
  • Scientists – Shield rechargers & ship production
  • Explorers – Thruster enhancement devices & scanners

The career choice only affects the pilot’s initial tech.

Second Galaxy Best Career and NationAfter completing the chapter 4 quest, recruit function will get unlocked. And, you will get Wingman. These Wingmen belong to one of these four careers – and, fight with the pilot side-by-side. Train them to unlock new expertise skill for benefits.

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So that would be all in this Second Galaxy Career & Nation guide – selecting a particular career or nation will not limit the functions. You can access all the careers and nations later in the game. So don’t worry too much. Which nation or career are you going to choose? Comment below!

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