World Craft Building Guide, Tips & Cheats For Beginners

World Craft BuildingWorld Craft Building is a brand new Minecraft like game for Android by Candy Mobile. Check out our World Craft Building guide, tips & cheats

Candy Mobile, the creators of West Gunfighter game and one of the popular developers(in developing high-quality low MB Games) recently released a building & crafting game named World Craft Building. It is an open world sandbox game in which the player builds dream castle & creative buildings using colorful, beautiful blocks and decorate the environment by adding plants & animals. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: World Craft Building guide, tips & cheats to master the game.

World Craft Building guide, tips & cheats: –

World Craft Building#1.) In-Game Items – Gold Coins, Diamonds, XP

First of all, let’s learn about the in-game items; gold, diamonds, and XP. In the game, you can use gold to unlock pre-designed buildings, to visit another location and to refill the blocks.

Diamond is one of the premium in-game items featured in World Craft Building game. It is used to purchase animals such as duck, Giraffe, Hippo, Pig, Wolf, & plants – decoration items.

XP Is required to level-up. Leveling up unlocks new pre-designed buildings and more features. Now, let’s learn how to earn gold & diamonds.

Gold, Diamonds & XP can be acquired or obtained by building pre-designed items. Tap the build option(at the right side of the screen). When you build these items, you earn coins, diamonds, and XP. Some of these items can be planted multiple times and you can claim the reward multiple times.

#2.) Building: Manually or Pre-Designed

There are two ways to craft or build a building in World Craft Building game. If you tap the build option on the right side of the screen, you can access to pre-designed blocky buildings. And when you level-up, you can even access to buildings such as Mansion, Fair, Tower, Ancient City, Park, and more.

All you need to do is tap the build icon, then select a building and then just tap the blocks to complete the construction. You can spend coins to build instantly. But don’t do that, because if you lose all the coins, you will not be able to unlock new buildings.

Manually Building

You can build your own creative building and an imaginary world in this game. At the bottom of the screen, tap one of the block icons. After selecting the block, tap on the ground to place or start building.

#3.) Removing the items or buildings or blocks

If you want to remove the built building or an item, then go close to it. After it, hold down(long press on that item/block) to remove it. That’s it. Keep in mind that after removing, you can not get it back. So, think twice. Also, see – Best Adventure games for Android

#4.) Changing the blocks

You can keep up to six blocks in the inventory at a time. If you want to replace, then just tap the base icon. After it, select a block to replace with the selected block. In the base menu, you can access all the blocks you have. By default, all the block’s quantity is 150.

#5.) Re-Filling Blocks

After using all the blocks(150), you will have to wait for the few minutes and after this certain amount of time, the game will automatically restore the block stock. The player can also spend coins and instantly restore the stock. But it would be better to save the coins because if you use all the coins early in these useless tasks, you will not be able to unlock new pre-designed buildings.

#6.) Map Guide

World Craft Building is an open-world game for mobile devices and you can visit many locations and build a great city. Tap the map option on the right side of the screen and tap there where you want to move. It costs you coins. If you want to go back to the home base, then just tap the option “back to the village”, in the bottom right corner. Also, see – Best Open-World games for Android

#7.) Sprint

Tap the sprint button to run fast on the ground.

#8.) Fly

In World Craft Building game, you can even fly and easily build castle type buildings. Just activate the fly mode by tapping the fly icon and then use up/down buttons to control the character.

#9.) Claim the daily login reward

Go to the main screen of the game(restart the game) and then at the left side, tap the calendar icon and claim the free reward.

#10.) Don’t spend coins on useless tasks

It would be better to avoid spending coins on useless tasks such as instant build, refill, moving to another place. Because if you go out of coins, you will not be able to unlock pre-designed buildings. Spend coins to unlock pre-designed buildings. 

So, these are some World Craft Building game guide, tips, cheats for the beginners. It’s a great game and you can craft anything. Download World Craft Building game for Android – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games

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