Legend of Solgard Characters Guide: Rank Up, Unlock New Creatures, And More

King’s latest strategy game features 20+ characters. Check out our Legend of Solgard characters guide: How to unlock new characters, special abilities, rank-up, upgrading and much more

In the previous post(check here), we shared some tips, tricks & strategy to master the Legend of Solgard game. And in this post, we will help you to understand the character mechanics featured in this game. As of now, Legend of Solgard game features 22 creatures and the player starts the game with three creatures; Roughpaw, Elfling, and Grimchop. If you don’t know how to manage characters, edit team, how to upgrade, unlock special abilities, how to rank-up, stats, and how to unlock new creatures, then here’s Legend of Solgard characters guide for the beginners: –

1.) Legend of Solgard Characters – List

  1. Roughpaw – Supporter, Common
  2. Elfling – Supporter, Common
  3. Grimchop – Defender, Rare
  4. Nightcast – Attacker, Rare
  5. Wyrm Wrangler – Supporter, Rare
  6. Cracklehoof – Defender, Epic
  7. Gnawbark – Defender, Common
  8. Ghast – Supporter, Epic
  9. Hobling – Attacker, Rare
  10. Fire Strider – Defender, Epic
  11. Vinebeard – Defender, Legendary
  12. Tusker – Attacker, Common
  13. Mudscrape – Supporter, Common
  14. Sundrench – Attacker, Rare
  15. Land Wyrm – Supporter, Rare
  16. Lamp Wrath – Supporter, Legendary
  17. Grimbash – Defender, Legendary
  18. Rotbite – Attacker, Common
  19. Rock Gronch – Supporter, Epic
  20. Ravven  Master – Attacker, Rare
  21. Valkyrie – Attacker, Epic
  22. Sone Fist – Attacker, Common
  23. (Upcoming) Sun Mage – Supporter, Rare

Character Class: –

  • Attacker – These characters are good in dealing damage; critical hits, strength.
  • Defenders – These characters can block enemy’s attack or defend other team members.
  • Supporters – Overall good characters; these characters help other team members with special abilities. For instance, Roughpaw’s special ability increases the damage power of allies

Characters’ Rarity:-

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

The player can easily obtain shards of common characters. Since their availability is common, you can easily upgrade them. But not in case of legendary, rare and epic characters. It will take a long time to upgrade these characters because it’s hard to gather their shards/fragments/sun-gems.

2.) Character’s Stats

In Legend Of Solgard game, all the creatures have different stats. If you go to the collection tab, tap the creature, on the next screen, you can check their stats:-

  • Strength attribute states the HP and damage power
  • Ability attribute states the power of a character’s special ability
  • Hold – We discussed this attribute in the last point(check here). Some characters take time to attack. This hold attribute states the hold stats – 1 or more
  • Growth – Your character(who is holding the attack), will gain strength
  • Critical Hit – Dealing massive damage
  • Block Chance – Some creatures(defenders, supporters) can block the enemy’s attack
  • Merge Bonus – When you merge the creatures, a new powerful character gets developed
  • Sync Bonus – Increase in the strength; when two characters of the same color attacks(same turn)

3.) How to upgrade the characters and increase their powerLegend Of Solgard Characters Guide

  • On the main screen, tap the collection tab
  • Tap the character you want to upgrade
  • Tap one of the attribute slots
  • Hit the apply button

Requirements: – 

  • Gold Coins
  • Sun Gems – Same Character

Upgrading the character in Legend of Solgard game costs you gold coins and the character’s sun gems. For example – You want to upgrade a character named Nightcast. To upgrade it, you need Nightcast Sun Gems.

4.) How to unlock new characters?

To unlock a character, you need that character’s sun gems. For instance; Valkyrie is one of the best characters in Legend of Solgard game. To unlock it, you need Valkyrie’s sun gems.

  • Go to the collection tab
  • Tap the character you want to unlock
  • On the character’s profile screen, the game will show you the location name where you can discover that particular character’s sun gems

5.) How to obtain sun gems?

There are a number of ways to obtain sun gems in Legend of Solgard game. Sun gems are used to upgrade the character’s attribute, to unlock the character. Here’s how to obtain sun gems: –

  • From the campaign mode – repeat the stages
  • Treasure Cave Mode
  • Hero Arena Mode
  • Boss Arena
  • Claim the free chests after every four hours
  • Complete the daily quests and obtain the chest
  • In the shop, you can purchase sun gems in exchange for gold coins

How to find out sun gems for a specific character?

Legend Of Solgard Characters GuideIf you are looking for specific character’s sun gems, then follow this walkthrough: –

  • Head to the collection tab
  • Tap the character
  • And on the bottom of the screen, take a look at the discover in “location name” message

If you are a beginner, then focus on campaign mode and you are good to go. Repeat the stages for more Sun Gems.

Since most of the game modes such as Arena, Boss Battles are locked in the beginning, focusing on the campaign mode would be better. Because it is the key to unlock rest modes.

6.) How to rank-up the characters

Ranking up the character allows you to upgrade its more stats and unlock the special abilities. And it’s quite easy to rank-up the creature.

  • Upgrade or Apply Sun Gems to all the empty slots
  • After it, tap the rank-up button and confirm

7.) Special Ability Guide

All the characters have special abilities and can be used in the battle when you combine or merge them. You can check the character’s special ability by tapping the ability icon. Go to the character’s profile(collection tab), tap the ability icon. If it’s unlocked, then tap the “try it” button to check it out. If it’s locked, then rank up the creature.

8.) How to edit the team combination

Legend Of Solgard Characters GuideIn Legend Of Solgard game, you can select up to four creatures for the battle. If you have lots of creatures; then, here’s how you can change the team combination: –

  • Before you tap the play button or enter the battle, tap the character you want to remove and on the next screen, select the character you want to add.

You will see a replace icon just below of the character’s icon(that can be replaced).

So, this is the short & simple Legend of Solgard characters guide for the beginners. If you are looking for some tips, tactics & strategy, then check out this post. Download this game – Here(Google Play Store).

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