Haze Piece Haki Guide – Buso & Observation

Read on for Haze Piece Haki Guide – Buso & Observation.

Haze Piece Haki Guide – Buso & Observation
Haze Piece Haki Guide – Buso & Observation

Haze Piece Haki Guide – Buso & Observation

In this post, you will learn how to obtain Buso Haki and Observation in Roblox Haze Piece. If you still don’t understand, check Observation farming video here and the Buso guide here

Obtaining Haki in Haze Piece

In the immersive world of Haze Piece, players have the exciting opportunity to acquire Haki, a unique set of abilities crucial for countering Logia Devil Fruit users. There are two distinct types of Haki available in the game: Buso Haki and Observation Haki. This guide will outline the steps to obtain both of these formidable powers.

How to Obtain Buso Haki in Haze Piece

Buso Haki is an essential skill that allows players to harm Logia Devil Fruit users even when they are transformed. It comes in two levels, each with specific prerequisites.

Buso Haki Level 1:

To unlock Buso Haki Level 1, you must accumulate a substantial amount of $100,000 in-game currency and achieve a character level of 350 or higher. Once these requirements are met, journey to Logue Town. In Logue Town, locate the tallest building and seek out an NPC named Old Man Silver, the Buso Trainer. Interact with him, and he will offer to unlock Buso Haki Level 1 for you. This level provides a valuable +5% boost to both Sword and Combat damage.

Buso Haki Level 2:

To attain Buso Haki Level 2, you’ll need to amass $250,000 in-game currency and reach a character level of 1150 or higher. Your destination for this upgrade is the Revolutionary Island. Start your journey from Logue Town and head to the right of Old Man Silver. Continue straight until you spot an island with towering trees on your left. Pass this island and you’ll arrive at an island adorned with massive rock pillars.

On the island with rock pillars, locate the Buso Level 2 Trainer. Once you’ve found him, he will offer to unlock Buso Haki Level 2 for $250,000, provided you meet the criteria. Upon acceptance, you will gain the powerful Buso Level 2 Haki, increasing your Sword and Combat damage by an impressive +7.5%.

How to Obtain Observation Haki in Haze Piece

Observation Haki is a skill focused on dodging enemy attacks and, like Buso Haki, has two levels, each with specific requirements.

Observation Haki Level 1:

To unlock the first level of Observation Haki, you must achieve a character level of 600 and possess $150,000 in-game currency. Your journey begins at the Marine Base Island, beyond Clown Island if you’re starting from the Starter Island. On Marine Base Island, locate the individual labeled as “(Level 1) Observation Haki” who is dancing, and interact with them. Meeting these prerequisites will unlock Observation Haki Level 1, granting you the valuable ability to dodge attacks up to three times.

Observation Haki Level 2:

After acquiring Observation Haki Level 1, you’ll need to attain a character level of 1500 and have $200,000 in-game currency. Set sail to Bubble Island, situated near Skull Island. Starting from the Starter Island, head straight past the Rocky Pillars from the AFK Rewards fire until you encounter a Sky Island above. Continue in that direction, and you’ll eventually arrive at Bubble Island on your right, adorned with large trees.

On Bubble Island, look for the (Level 2) Observation Haki NPC who is also dancing, positioned to the left of the yellow portal near a house. Speak with this NPC, and once you’ve met the requirements, you can unlock Observation Haki Level 2. This advanced level grants you the impressive ability to dodge attacks up to five times, enhancing your survivability in battles.

With these Haki abilities at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the challenges and adversaries of Haze Piece’s vibrant and engaging world.

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