HAZE PIECE Fruits: List of All Fruits [May 2024]

Read on for HAZE PIECE Fruits: List of All Fruits.

HAZE PIECE Fruits: List of All Fruits
HAZE PIECE Fruits: List of All Fruits

HAZE PIECE Fruits: List of All Fruits

Haze Piece features over a dozen devil fruits; each fruit has a unique ability, and some even offer transformation to mythical creatures. There are common fruits, uncommon fruits, rare fruits, legendary fruits, and mythic fruits. At levels 30/60/90/120/150, you will unlock fruits’ abilities that grant massive powers to the user. In this post, we have featured all the fruits featured in the Roblox Haze Piece game. So, without further ado, let’s get started and check all the available fruits and their abilities. 

HAZE PIECE Fruits: List of All Legendary Fruits

  • Fruit
  • Phoenix 
  • Darkness 
  • Magma 


  • HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List Rank: Tier 0
  • E: Transformation. Transforms you into a Dragon. (Level 30)
  • B: Blast Breath. Cast a fiery beam from your mouth (Level 150)
  • V: Violet Rain. Conjures up a purple mist that explodes in AoE around you (Level 120)
  • C: Tornado. Spin around, creating a tornado (Level 90)
  • X: Blast Shots. Rain down hellfire. (Level 60)
  • Z: Roar. Cast a massive roar. (Level 30)


  • Level 30: Transforms into a Phoenix.
  • Level 30: Unleash flame as a phoenix to strike enemies.
  • Level 60: Unleash a strike on enemies in Phoenix form. 
  • Level 90: Healing Flame.
  • Level 150: Slamming Impact ability that strikes enemies. 


  • Level 30: Summons a black hole around the user. Turns into pure darkness for flying. 
  • Level 60: Pulls players and NPCs towards yourself.
  • Level 90: Unleash a dark ball to strike enemies. 
  • Level 120: Conjures up a black dragon to strike enemies.
  • Level 150: Forms a ball of darkness and throws it toward enemies for a massive explosion strike.


  • Passive: Water WALK.
  • Level 30: Magama Fist Strike. Throws a fist-shaped magma ball towards enemies. 
  • Level 60: Slams the ground and forms a puddle of lava. 
  • Level 90: Uses magma to fly.
  • Level 120: Summons magma meteor.
  • Level 50: Throws fists of magma into the sky that crash down and inflict DMG. 

HAZE PIECE Fruits: List of All Rare Fruits

  • Gas
  • Snow
  • Gravity 
  • Buddha 
  • Flame 
  • Operation
  • Rubber 
  • Light 
  • Ice
  • Tremor 
  • Electricity


  • Description: Conjures up a gas zone that will inflict DMG on anyone inside. 
  • Level 60: Gas Explosion.
  • Level 90: Gets speed buff and jump boost.
  • Level 120: Unleash fire to strike enemies.
  • Level 150: AoE Detonation. 


  • Description: Forms a snow dome at the aimed location
  • Level 60: Uses snow to form a spare. 
  • Level 90: Unleash snow tornado to strike enemies.
  • Level 120: Summons a snowstorm to strike enemies. 


  • Description: Uses gravity to push back foes. 
  • Level 60: Summons a meteor for the explosion.
  • Level 90: Crushes a piece of ground and uses it for flying. 
  • Level 120: Generates a massive amount of gravity around the user. 
  • Level 150: Summons a meteor strike. 


  • Description: Transforms into Buddha Form
  • Level 60: Slams the ground and unleash shockwave.
  • Level 90: Unleash a shockwave to destroy anything in the path.
  • Level 120: Unlleash a huge explosion. 


  • Description: Fire Fist Strike
  • Level 60: Creates a fire pillar to cause DMG on foes.
  • Level 90: Fire Fly.
  • Level 120: Ranged Fire Shots.
  • Level 150: AoE Fire Detonation. 


  • Description: Melee and Ranged strikes with skills that unlock at levels 30/60/90/120/150.


  • Description: Slingshot Ability. 


  • Description: Unleash a burst of light that explodes on ATK.
  • Level 30: Teleport ability.
  • Level 60: Form a sword made with light.
  • Level 90: ZigZag Lightning ATK.
  • Level 120: Unleash a Barrage of Light Rays.
  • Level 150: Fly at the SPD of light.


  • Description: Water Walk Passive Skill.
  • Level 30: Conjures up ice spikes to freeze anything in its path.
  • Level 60: Summons a sharp block of ice. 
  • Level 90: Summons Ice to skate on.
  • Level 120: Unleash lances formed from Ice and throw them at enemies.
  • Level 50: Freezes everything around.


  • Description: The user stomps the ground while utilizing Tremor to create a shockwave.
  • Level 60: Creates a tremor ball that destroys anything in its path and flings enemies.
  • Level 90: Crushes the ground, sending everyone else flying upwards.
  • Level 120: Shake the seas, creating huge waves crashing around the island. 


  • Description: Lightning Strike.
  • Level 60: thunder palm strike.
  • Level 90: Electricity Teleport.
  • Level 120: Unleash an electric beam to strike enemies.
  • Level 150: Massive Electric AoE Explosion. 

HAZE PIECE Fruits: List of All Uncommon Fruits

  • Kilo
  • Paw 
  • Smoke 
  • Sand
  • String
  • Mammoth


  • Description: Ability to increase and decrease weight. Decreasing the weight allows you to fly.


  • Description: Uses paw as a weapon to strike enemies by unleashing paw shots, barrage, nuke, and red paw.


  • Description: Throws a ball of smoke to strike enemies. Unleash a smoke tornado. Uses smoke to fly. Smoke cloud flashbang for AoE strike. 


  • Description: Uses sand to strike enemies by unleashing Sand Tornado and Sand Eruption. Ability to fly using Sand Fly skill, which unlocks at fruit level 90. 


  • Description: Uses strings to strike enemies and fly by casting string webs.


  • Description: Ability to transform into a mammoth and strike enemies with a trunk and a large body.

HAZE PIECE Fruits: List of All Common Fruits

  • Spike
  • Bomb 
  • Chop
  • Barrier
  • Clear
  • Spin 


  • Description: Create a ball covered in spikes and summon spikes from the ground to inflict DMG on the enemies. 


  • Description: Unlocks new abilities at fruit level 30/60/90/120. At each level, you gain a new ability to fire and explode enemies. 


  • Description: Ability to slash and chop enemies, and you can transform into a car for swift transport.


  • Description: Creates spike to strike enemies. Conjures up a hammer to smash the enemy. Explode enemies with the Slamdown ability that unlocks at fruit level 90. 


  • Description: Ability to become invisible. Consume stamina over time. Fruit Level 30.


  • Description: Spins and achieves flight. 

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So this covers the Haze Piece Fruits. List of all fruits featured in Roblox Haze Piece.

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