Anime Champions Simulator Cosmic Summon Guide

Read on for Anime Champions Simulator Cosmic Summon Guide.

Anime Champion Simulator Cosmic Summon Guide
Anime Champions Simulator Cosmic Summon Guide

Anime Champions Simulator Cosmic Summon Guide

In this post, we have explained everything you need to know about the cosmic summons in the Roblox Anime Champions Simulator. Embark on a cosmic journey in Anime Champions Simulator as you seek the rare and formidable Cosmic Summons. These powerful units stand as the pinnacle of strength in the late-game phase, coveted by seasoned players. Here’s your comprehensive guide to understanding what Cosmic Summons are, how to obtain them, and strategies to enhance your chances in the cosmic lottery.

What are Cosmic Summons in ACS?

Currently, seven Cosmic Units grace ACS:

  • 1. Apex Fury (Ape Goku)
  • 2. Crimson
  • 3. Star Hero
  • 4. Old Sage (Jiraiya)
  • 5. Timebreaker (Jotaro)
  • 6. Rekitsu
  • 7. Genshiro

How to Obtain a Cosmic Summon: The Cosmic Journey Unveiled

1. Unlocking Bizarre Bazaar:

Your quest begins on World 5, Bizarre Bazaar. Find Jeff, the Scientist at the center, who will guide you to the Cosmic Summoner Portal. A hefty payment of 5,000,000 Yen will open this portal, granting access to the Cosmic Summon area in Champion City, left of the Magic Tree.

2. Free Cosmic Summon:

Conclude Jeff’s quest line, and you’ll be rewarded with a free Slayer Summon after defeating 5,000 enemies. Utilize this Slayer Summon to acquire a Cosmic Unit without spending any Yen.

3. Cosmic Summon Items:

Acquire Cosmic Summon items from the Demon Orb, each pull costing 120,000 Yen. A Cosmic Capsule, found in these pulls, grants a 1/3 chance at a Cosmic Summon. Cosmic Summon items are themed around specific anime franchises:
– DBZ Summon
– Dragon Summon
– Ninja Summon
– Slayer Summon
– JoJo Summon
– Hero Summon
– Pirate Summon

Increasing Cosmic Summon Chances: The Luck Factor

Boost your odds by focusing on your Luck stat. In the Upgrades menu, your Luck increases with gameplay, maxing out at Luck IV after 25 hours for a 25% luck boost. Additionally, Luck Boost potions can further elevate your chances, although securing a Cosmic Summon remains a challenging feat.

Embark on this cosmic odyssey in Anime Champions Simulator, where the allure of Cosmic Summons beckons seasoned players with promises of unrivaled power and strategic might. May your journey be filled with luck and cosmic wonders!

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