Arcane Odyssey Ice Magic Guide[February 2024]

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Arcane Odyssey Ice Magic Guide

  • Status Effect: Freezing

The “Freezing” status effect is a formidable affliction that results in the solidification of the target, rendering them immobile and vulnerable. This effect is a hallmark of Ice Magic, a mystical art that allows the wielder to harness the power of frozen water to manipulate their surroundings and vanquish their foes.

In the Arcane Odyssey tier list, Ice Magic is ranked as having average damage potential, placing it in the middle of the spectrum in terms of offensive capability. However, Ice Magic is known to have excellent synergy with Water Magic, which can enhance its freezing capabilities to devastating effect. Additionally, Ice Magic has good synergy with Snow and Wind Magic, allowing for versatile and creative spellcasting.

In terms of clashing power, Ice Magic has a variety of advantages and disadvantages when pitted against other magical disciplines. Against Water Magic, Ice Magic has a significant 1.5x clash advantage, making it a potent counter to this element. Against Wind and Glass Magic, Ice Magic boasts a 1.4x clash advantage, which can be a valuable asset in battle.

Ice Magic also has a 1.2x clash advantage against Snow Magic, making it a strong contender in icy environments. Against Light, Sand, and Poison Magic, Ice Magic has a 1.1x clash advantage, providing some degree of leverage. Against Ash Magic, Ice Magic has a 1.05x clash advantage, which can be helpful in certain situations.

However, Ice Magic is neutral against Acid Magic, meaning it neither has an advantage nor disadvantage in clashes with this element. On the other hand, Ice Magic has several disadvantages in clashes against other magical disciplines. Against Shadow, Plasma, and Crystal Magic, Ice Magic has a 0.9x clash disadvantage, which can be challenging to overcome.

Against Wood Magic, Ice Magic has a 0.85x clash disadvantage, making it a less effective option in battle. Against Lightning, Explosion, and Earth Magic, Ice Magic has a 0.8x clash disadvantage, which can be a significant hindrance. Against Fire Magic, Ice Magic has a 0.75x clash disadvantage, meaning it is significantly weaker against this element. Against Metal Magic, Ice Magic has a 0.7x clash disadvantage, which can make it difficult to overcome metallic defenses. Finally, against Magma Magic, Ice Magic has a severe 0.5x clash disadvantage, making it the least effective option when pitted against this element.

In conclusion, while Ice Magic may not be the most powerful magical discipline in terms of offensive capability, its ability to freeze targets and manipulate frozen water makes it a formidable force to be reckoned with. Its synergies with Water, Snow, and Wind Magic, as well as its advantages against certain elements, make it a valuable asset in any magical arsenal.

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