Fire Force Online Faction Guide Wiki [December 2023]

Read on for Fire Force Online Faction Guide Wiki.

Fire Force Online Faction Guide Wiki
Fire Force Online Faction Guide Wiki

Fire Force Online Faction Guide Wiki

To join a faction in Fire Force Online, follow these steps:

1. Achieve Rank 3: Before you can join a faction, you need to reach Rank 3 in the game. This is an initial requirement for accessing faction membership.

2. Earn Reputation: Depending on which faction you want to join, you need to earn the appropriate reputation. If you wish to join the Fire Force faction, you must accumulate good reputation by completing quests with positive outcomes or making virtuous decisions. On the other hand, if you want to join the White Clad faction, you must gather bad reputation by completing quests with negative outcomes or engaging in morally questionable actions.

3. Interact with Admission NPC: Once you have the required reputation, head to the designated base of the faction you want to join. At the base, find the Admission NPC, which is specific to each faction. Interact with the Admission NPC, and they will guide you through the trials or procedures necessary for joining the faction.

4. White Clad Faction: For players who choose to join the White Clad faction, there is no need to interact with an Admission NPC. Upon meeting the necessary requirements for bad reputation, players are automatically teleported to the White Clad faction base.

Ranking Up in Your Faction:

As you accumulate good or bad reputation, your rank within the faction will change accordingly. The more reputation points you earn, the higher your rank will become. Higher ranks within a faction may grant you access to exclusive quests, rewards, and benefits.

Keep in mind that your reputation and faction choices can influence your gameplay experience significantly. Choose your actions wisely, as they will impact your character’s journey and interactions with NPCs and factions.

By progressing through the game and making choices aligned with your chosen faction, you can immerse yourself in the captivating world of Fire Force Online and experience the unique gameplay opportunities each faction offers. Embrace your path, rank up, and become a formidable force in the battle between the Fire Force and the White Clad!

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