How To Get Diamonds in Elemental Dungeons

Read on for How To Get Diamonds in Elemental Dungeons.

Elemental Dungeons Guides
Elemental Dungeons Guides

How To Get Diamonds in Elemental Dungeons

Diamond is one of the in-game currencies in Roblox Elemental Dungeons that you can obtain by defeating Gorillas in Jungle Level Mode, which is accessible once you reach level 35. Defeat those Gorillas to acquire diamonds. This is one of the best ways to farm diamonds if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend other currencies like gold and gems. Other ways to get diamonds are trading with merchants who, from time to time, sell diamonds in exchange for gold. Or use the roll magic[spend 100 gems] and have a chance to get diamonds. For this, look for the Elements on the left side of the game screen and click that option to teleport to the location where you can spend the 100 gems for a chance to acquire diamonds. 

The above instructions should be enough to understand how to get diamonds in the Elemental Dungeons.

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Full Guide:

1. Defeat Gorillas In Jungle

The Jungle level stands as the diamond mine in Elemental Dungeons. Accessible at level 35, this lush expanse teems with gorillas, prolific diamond bearers. Focus your efforts on vanquishing these majestic creatures, and diamonds will rain upon you like a cascade of treasures. The Jungle, with its abundance of gorillas, offers the most consistent method of diamond acquisition.

2. Visit The Merchant

Venture forth on the quest for the elusive Merchant using our detailed Merchant location guide. This wandering trader occasionally carries diamonds for sale. A rare find, the Merchant’s stock may present you with the opportunity to exchange 4k gold for three diamonds. While not as reliable as the Jungle method, seizing this chance can add to your diamond reserves.

3. Roll For Diamonds

For those who dare to delve into the mystical, the Elements portal beckons. Spend 100 gems to access the Roll Magic feature, a realm where luck and chance intertwine. While not the most efficient method, it provides an alternate path to diamonds. Keep in mind that diamonds are not always among the prizes, making this strategy less reliable compared to Jungle farming.

In your pursuit of diamonds, the Jungle emerges as the unrivaled hotspot. Engage the gorillas, amass your wealth, and let the glittering gems adorn your journey in Elemental Dungeons. May fortune smile upon you as you navigate the mystical landscapes and unearth the treasures that await?

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