Green’s Secret Idle Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Read on for The Green’s Secret Idle guide: tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

The Green’s Secret Idle 

Published by MAFT Wireless, The Green’s Secret Idle is a mobile idle RPG featuring hundreds of stages with increasing difficulty, prestige mechanics, a variety of abilities, boss fights, and much more. 

Green’s Secret Idle Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

In The Green’s Secret Idle game, your objective is to defeat all the bosses and conquer all the stages. The game has hundreds of stages; you will fight a horde of enemies at each stage. These are the normal stages with no time-bound limit. After a set number of stages, a boss will appear. Unlike normal battles with no time limit, the boss stage will have a time limit. 

When the boss appears, you will see a boss bar depicting a red and a blue bar. The red bar is for HP. The blue bar is the time limit. Before the blue bar gauge goes to 0, you must eliminate the boss. You will gain the ability points required to upgrade your skills upon defeating the boss.

If you fail to defeat the boss, you will be pushed back. Keep progressing to unlock new game modes and functions like fairy cards, pets, and mystic field. 

Let’s learn everything in detail:

Green’s Secret Idle Guide To In-Game Currency

Gemstones: The green gem or gemstone is a premium in-game currency that you must use carefully. You can obtain gemstones for free by completing the quests(go now on the right side of the screen), clearing a map(stage 55, 150, 280, 500, and so on), and watching a video ad in the shop. 

We recommend using gemstones for the equipment. Head to the shop by tapping the shop icon in the lower-left corner, left of the fairy card option. The shop menu has two tabs; special shop and resource shop. Navigate to the special shop tab and scroll to the bottom, and you will find the summon equipment section where you can spend the gems to summon equipment. 

Avoid spending gemstones to buy resources like gold, relic, or ability points, as you can get all these resources by playing the game. So the best way to spend the gemstone is by summoning the equipment. 

Gold: Use the gold to upgrade the character’s stats, such as ATK, HP, and HP Recovery. Tap the exercise button in the lower-right corner, above the mystic field option. We recommend investing more in ATK. 

Relic Fragments: Use the relic fragments to unlock or upgrade the relics. Relics grant powerful passive buffs like increased ATK, ability DMG, increased HP, DEF, etc. 

Players obtain the relic fragments by doing the prestige. In the top-left corner, tap the prestige icon(the second icon, next to the wolf ride option). The number of relic fragments you obtain from prestige will depend on the current progress. The more stages you clear, the more relic fragments you get. 

Ability Points or Skill Points: Defeating the boss rewards skill points or ability points. Head to the character menu of the screen, then the ability tab, and check the list of abilities. You will also see the ability level. Keep unleashing the skills during the battle to gain ability EXP, and the ability level will eventually rise.

Each ability tab has a set of skills; tap on a skill to read its description or upgrade it. 

Also, each skill has crystal slots; new crystal slots unlock when the ability reaches levels 2, 10, 18, 26, 51, 60, 70, and 80. 

Players can further strengthen their skills with fairy cards. In the ability tab, top-right corner, there is a reset skill button. You can spend the gemstones to reset the skill enhancement(the ability points you have spent on upgrades) and get the ability points back.

Talent Points: You earn the talent points when the player level increases. In the top-left corner of the gameplay screen, keep an eye on the character icon; the yellow curvy gauge line depicts the level progress. As you defeat enemies, you gain player EXP and eventually level up. 

Green’s Secret Idle Guide To Weapons & Abilities

The weapon you equip determines your ability. There are four types of weapons; feather harp, ghost, fire hammer, and beastmaster. You can equip two weapons at a time. 

Example: if you want to use the feather harp skills, equip the feather harp weapon. Go to the character screen, then the equipment tab, and tap on the equipment slot -> there is an all tab showcasing all types of weapons you have. Go to the feather harp, ghost, fire hammer, and beastmaster tab to see the weapons of that types. 

Green’s Secret Idle Guide To Upgrading Weapons

You need copies or dupes of the same weapon to upgrade the weapon. For instance, to upgrade a C-grade ghost-type weapon to B grade, you need three copies of C-grade ghost-type weapons. Then B grade dupes to make the upgrade to A grade. Subsequently, A grade dupes to S grade, S grade dupes to SS grade.

You can get the weapons by summoning; head to the shop -> special shop -> scroll to bottom -> spend the gemstones. 

Green’s Secret Idle Tips To Getting Stronger

  • Exercise: Upgrade the stats by spending the gold. 
  • Upgrade talents
  • Upgrade skills/abilities with ability points
  • Upgrade gears
  • Buy/Equip costumes(need lots of gems, though)
  • If you are stuck, do the prestige and get the relic fragments. Use the relic fragments to get relics or upgrade the relics. 
  • Use the wolf ride to fasten the progress and accumulate the resources; use after prestige if possible
  • Strengthen the skills with fair cards
  • Gear up pets

Green’s Secret Idle Cheats

Green’s Secret Idle game does not have any cheat code input. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Green’s Secret Idle guide: tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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