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Read on for the guide: tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Guide Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Published by Habby, is a mobile game where you will fight the hordes of zombies and try to survive as long as possible. It features a dozen of chapters, each subsequent chapter with increased difficulty. To survive longer and eradicate the hordes of zombies, you must strengthen your character. Equip the best weapon, stock up on the best skills and supplies, and raise the stats by upgrading gears such as armor, boots, ring, gloves, necklace, and belt. 

This post will cover the guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. Tips Part I: Get The Freebies

The first tip here is to keep an eye on the codes that you can redeem for freebies, such as gems, coins, army keys, design packs, and much more. You can find active codes here. Best hero tier list Tips Part II: Claim Free Army Crate Daily

The game grants X1 army crate every 24 hours, and this crate features normal or good equipment. Head to the shop, and under the supply crate section, you will find the option to watch the video ad for a crate. Tips Part III: Avoid Spending Gems On Regular Resources

The gem is a premium in-game currency in and is very hard to obtain. Developers of the game give free gems from time to time. Keep checking the mailbox. Also, redeem the codes if there are any. Since it’s tough to obtain, you must spend it wisely. Avoid spending it on energy or gold coins. Energy replenishes over time; gold can be obtained by watching the video ad or playing the game. 

Save the green gems for the premium crates in the shop, which feature high-quality gears such as weapons, boots, armor, necklaces, belt, and gloves.

S Grade Excellent > Excellent > Better > Good > Normal. Tips Part IV: Equip The Best Weapon/Gears

Not all weapons or gears are great. Equip high-grade gears if you have them. They are generally good. Head to the equipment tab of the game, check the stat of each gear type, and equip the best ones. For more information, check this best gear guide Tips Part V: Battle Tips

1.) Don’t sit idle; keep moving to avoid getting targeted by enemies with long-range striking abilities. 

2.) Look for the meat; the meat heals you. 

3.) Destroy the wooden chests; you will find a lot of wooden crates that you can crush using weapon skills. These wooden crates include powerful items or currencies. 

4.) Collect the green crystals; the green crystals are the battle EXP items that raise your battle level. You can check the level progress at the top of the battle screen. The bar will fill up as you collect the green crystals, and eventually, you will move to the next level. At each subsequent level, you get to choose a skill. There are weapon skills, supply skills, and evolution skills. Please read this best skills guide for more details. Best hero tier list

5.) Collect the drops; now and then, the golden chests spawn on the map. Collect it for freebies. Guide Part I: How To Get DNA

You can obtain DNA from the trials; it unlocks after you complete chapter 2. Guide Part II: How To Get Gems

Use the codes, increase player level(get EXP by playing the game), watch the video ads, or from developers as a freebie reward(check the mailbox). Guide Part III: How To Get Materials

Design Packs or materials are required to upgrade the gears. Obtain by playing the game; the longer you survive in the battle, the more rewards you get. Play high-difficult chapters to obtain better rewards. Each subsequent level is difficult. Guide Part IV: Merge

You can upgrade the grade of gears by merging; all you need is their dupes. You can obtain them from the crates available in the shop. Merge to increase the grade of gears. For instance, normal to good, good to better, better to excellent, and so on. Guide Part V: Gold

You use the gold to upgrade the gears. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for beginners. 

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