Idle Office Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide [April 2024]

Read on for Idle Office Tycoon cheats: tips & strategy guide for beginners.

Idle Office Tycoon Cheats Tips & Strategy Guide

Idle Office Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Idle Office Tycoon is a mobile game available on the Android and iOS App Store. It’s published by Warrior Game. In the game, you will be building an office tycoon; as a player, you buy the land in popular cities, build offices, and rent them out to companies.


Idle Office Tycoon Tips Part I: Get Your Freebies

The first tip is to redeem the active Idle Office Tycoon codes if available. Keep an eye on the codes; devs have been releasing these gift codes since August 1st, 2022. And these gift codes reward free diamonds. You can find the Idle Office Tycoon gift codes here

Idle Office Tycoon Guide Part I: EXP & Meeting Room

EXP is required to increase the company level(marked with a $ symbol). Increasing the company level yields more rent. Tap on any office room that you have leased to a company. A new mini-window screen will appear with company info; below the company name, you can see the current level marked with a $ symbol. Below the $ symbol, there is a level bar that depicts current level progress. It fills gradually as the employees work in the office. 

Idle Office Tycoon Cheats- Tips & Strategy Guide

Employees often head to the meeting room and gain massive company EXP. The meeting room grants company EXP and help you quickly level up the company. If the companies are already at max level, then ignore it. 

Idle Office Tycoon Guide Part II: Companies

As of writing this, Idle Office Tycoon has 92 companies classified into seven grades; SSS grade, SS grade, S grade, A grade, B grade, C grade, and D grade. 

The higher the company’s grade, the better facility it will need. But you get more rental income. In the early game, when your income is low, it’s better to lease the offices to low-grade companies such as D and C rank. As you expand, you can slowly and gradually start hiring high-grade companies. If the office does not meet the facility requirement, the rent you get will be lower. 

Tap on an office, tap contract -> you can cancel the contract of a maxed level company freely and hire another one. After tapping the invite button, a list of companies will appear. Tap the free refresh button to re-roll the companies. 

Idle Office Tycoon Cheats- Tips & Strategy Guide

Idle Office Tycoon Guide Part III: Facility Requirement

All the companies require a certain number of facilities; if you don’t meet the facility requirement, the rent yield will be lower. To check the facility requirement, tap on the office and then tap on the employee button. It will show you the list of facilities and their levels needed. Meet the requirement by upgrading the mentioned facilities and unlocking the new ones. The ones that need an upgrade are marked with the red frame. 

Idle Office Tycoon Cheats- Tips & Strategy Guide(4)

High-rank/grade companies need high-level facilities. 

Idle Office Tycoon Tips Part II: Employees’ Mood

Employees have four moods; upset(red face), normal(yellow face), happy(green face), and blue(cheerful). You can improve the employees’ mood by buying and upgrading the decorative and useful facilities at the office, for instance, plants & flowers, water dispensers, a fire extinguisher, a wall clock, and a frame. 

Also, as you expand and unlock new offices, expand the washroom and upgrade its facilities. Additionally, hire maintenance service guys so that employees don’t have to wait for long. 

Idle Office Tycoon Tips Part III: Increase Income

The best way to increase income from this office business is by upgrading the office facilities. In each office, you have stations – where employees work—upgrading these facilities of the office increase the rental yield. 

The second way is increasing the company level; we have explained it in guide part I above. 

Expand: Move to a big zone with more office space. Unlock new offices, hire new companies, make upgrades, and then once you have enough money, move to a more prominent place than the current one. 

Tap the building icon in the lower-left corner to head to the zone map. New zones are unlocked as soon as you meet the reputation number. Each zone has properties available that are available to buy. If you have the money, buy the property and relocate there. The bigger it is, the more offices you can build and make more rental money. 

Idle Office Tycoon Guide Part IV: In-Game Currencies, Items

Reputation: Reputation points are displayed in the top-left corner. Obtain reputation points by upgrading the office facilities and increasing the company level. Apart from the offices, the building also has other rooms that you can upgrade, for instance, the washroom, engineering room, lounge, etc. You must meet a certain reputation number to unlock new zones, rooms, etc. 

Cash: Obtain by leasing the office rooms to the companies, by watching video ads, and gain more by upgrading the facilities of each room. Also, by spinning the wheel and completing the quests, chatting with the people in the contacts.

Power: Each facility in the building consumes power. Upgrade the power room facilities, i.e., batteries and generators, to increase power supply. 

Gems: Obtain gems by redeeming Idle Office Tycoon codes, watching the video ads, claiming the daily gift in the shop, spinning the wheel, doing the activity quests, chatting with the people in the contacts, etc. 

Idle Office Tycoon Guide Part V: Pets & Premium Employees

For premium pets and employees, you will need to spend real money. These premium add-ons grant income bonuses, increase the offline limit, and mood bonuses. 

Idle Office Tycoon Tips Part IV: Miscellaneous Tips

Do the to-do quests for free cash and gems in the early game. Tap the quest board icon in the lower-right corner to check the quests. 

To earn free gems, hit the weekly activity milestone. Tap the fire flame icon in the lower-right corner to open the weekly quests. Each quest grants activity points, and when you hit the milestone mark, 10 activities points, 30, 60, 100, 350, and 700, you get rewarded with loads of gems. 

Keep an eye on the Idle Office Tycoon codes

Watch the video ads; the legendary tycoon of liberty city often appears and grants massive cash. Check the shop daily – 10 gems are rewarded every 24 hours.

Save money, buy a bigger property and relocate there, unlock new offices, upgrade the facilities, and hire high-grade companies. 

Idle Office Tycoon Cheats Part I: Cheat Codes

There are Idle Office Tycoon codes that you can check here. Devs release new codes now and then. These are the gift codes, not the cheat codes. 

So this would be all in this post on Idle Office Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide.

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