Best Equipment: Armor, Necklace, Belt, Gloves, Boots [May 2024]

Read on for Best Equipment: armor, necklace, belt, gloves, boots. Best Gear: Armor, Necklace, Belt, Gloves, Boots Best Equipment

In the game, you can strengthen your character by gearing up equipment such as armor, necklace/pendants, belt, glove, and boot. And there is a variety of gears available in the game; if you are new to the game and wondering what Equipment are the best, then this post will help you. For those looking for the best weapon and skill, check this tier list. And make sure to redeem these codes for freebies that can help you obtain the best Equipment. Best Armor

Which armor is the best in

Currently, the best armor or Suit in is the Eternal Suit. Eternal Suit is an S-grade armor suit with the skill of reviving the character, and that too with full vitality. Also, after the revival, it raises ATK and movement speed. Another best armor in the game is Voidwaker Windbreaker(Gain Berserk for 5 seconds* when dying. All skill damage can absorb HP, + HP). 

  • Full Metal Suit(it’s like the Eternal Suit; it has the same resurrection skill but lacks the other buffs and full HP vigor revival) – it is good armor. 
  • Carapace(equip carapace, and it will block the bullets) and Traveler’s Jacket are decent ones, not too good, though
  • Protective Suit (+ HP, releases radiation pulses when the hero is hit) and Army Uniform(Speciality; Inspire effect; healing) are the two armors we have put in the average tier. 

You can learn more best armor here Best Armor Best Armor Best Necklace

Currently, the best necklace in the game is the Eternal Necklace. Eternal Necklace grade skill is; the higher the target’s HP, the more DMG dealt. It also inflicts more DMG on the enemies who have full HP. 

Some good necklaces are Voidwaker Emblem(Increases ATK, Berserk mode for 5 seconds when leveling up). Trendy Charm(reduces CD when you eliminate a certain number of monsters and increases ATK), and Metal Neckguard(increases ATK, and it’s well known for increasing the effectiveness of passive skill by raising its buff). 

Decent necklaces are; Bone Pendant(increases ATK and reduces enemies’ movement SPD) and Army Nameplate(increases ATK, DMG, and release inspire effect when you eliminate the boss). 

Emerald Pendant(increases ATK and generates radiations that inflict DMG) is an average one. You can find more about best necklace here Best Necklace Best Necklace Best Belts

Currently, the three best belts in the game are the Eternal Belt, Voidwaker Sash, and Stylish Belt. The two belts, Eternal Belt and Stylish Belt, increase HP and the durability of your character. Eternal Belt increases HP, and revival effect and gives you invincibility upon taking DMG(triggers once every sixty seconds), and Stylist Belt gives you HP and the shield. 

The new Voidwaker Sash belt is another addition to the top-tier belts; it has a unique skill effect, “Hardened” – during the Hardened mode stage, the hero will be immune to all damage and instakill minions upon colliding with them + it increases HP, revival effect, grants immunity to all damage when Hardend. 

  • Army Belt is a good belt; you get a shield upon eliminating an elite boss.
  • Waist Sensor and Broad Waistguard are two decent belts. The Waist Sensor can increase the movement speed. Broad Waistguard boosts HP and releases radiation when healing.
  • Leather Belt is an average belt. Its condition is what makes it a low-tier belt. The Leather Belt increases HP and movement speed upon picking up the food. 

You can find more about the best belts here Best Belts Best Belts Best Gloves

Currently, the best gloves are Eternal Gloves and Voidwaker Handguards.  Fingerless Glove is a good one. Leather Gloves, Shiny Wristguard, and Army Gloves are some decent ones that can improve DMG.

  • Eternal Gloves increase the ATK and more ATK when the HP is over 50%. Also, it increases the chances of inflicting CRIT. 
  • Voidwaker Handguards increase the ATK, provide additional DMG to elites/bosses, and have a permanent destructive nature effect that allows the hero to instakill non-boss enemies below 20%* HP
  • Fingerless Gloves increase ATK and DMG upon eliminating 200 monsters and have a little chance of instakill the non-boss monsters. 
  • Leather Gloves increase ATK and improve CRIT striking. 
  • Shiny Wristguard increases ATK and releases minor explosions when a monster gets eliminated.
  • Army Gloves increases the hero’s ATK and DMG to elites and the bosses. 

Protective Glove is an average-rated glove. It makes dead monsters release radiation that causes DMG over time. You can learn more about the best gloves here Best Gloves Best Gloves Best Boots

Currently, the best boots in the game are Voidwaker Treads and Eternal Boots. Voidwaker Treads increase base movement SPD, HP, and grant SPD boost when you eliminate a certain number of enemies – max up to 50%. Eternal boots increase HP and base movement speed and leave a trail of fire when moving. 

  • Light Runners Boots are good. These boots increase HP, increase DMG dealt after eliminating the enemy, and reduce the DMG taken. 
  • The decent ones are; Army boots – These boots increase HP, and grant inspire when the hero strikes down an elite or boss, but the inspire effect fades away when the hero is hit. Prosthetic Legs is another decent one; grant healing and increase movement speed. 
  • Highboots and Layered Snowshoes are average ones. Highboots make you immune to bullet-/-collision DMG/increase HP/raise movement speed, but after you eliminate a set number of enemies, i.e., 200. Layered Snowshoes are average ones.

You can find more about the best boots here Best Boots Best Boots

Also, see – codes, tier list(best weapon/skills), tips, and the skills guide.

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  1. i found emerald pendent op as you can just walk through enemies quickly and collect those green exp to get every mix skill early in the stage.

  2. I rank the carapace above the full metal because if you own the eternal suit the full metal is completely useless and when merging, the system ranks full metal above the carapace and therefore suggests you burn it in favor for the full metal…. You might want that bullet protection on certain levels! Be careful taking in game suggestions!

    • I think the point is that if you don’t have eternal suit full metal is the next best thing. Idk tho I have the eternal so it doesn’t rlly matter anyways

  3. So rn I have an eternal chest plate and glove and also the light chaser which is pretty good and then I have an average necklace and belt and then good boots

  4. right now i have quite a 4 carapace and am using the eternal suit, should i try to evolve the carapace to epic or try wait and try and evolve my eternal suit. I’m also holding on to 3 trendy charms but dont have the eternal necklace, should i just focus on evolving it?
    You also missed out on the radiation gloves in the tier list