Best Armor(February 2023)

Read on for Best Armor. A complete list of armors and find out the best ones and the worst ones. Best Armor Armors:

Currently, these are the armors available in the game:

  • Eternal Suit 
  • Carapace
  • Full Metal Suit
  • Protective Suit
  • Army Uniform
  • Traveler’s Jacket
  • Voidwaker Windbreaker

Armors are the gears that increase HP and provide buffs that raise the durability of your hero during the battle. Some of these armors have a knack for reviving the hero post-elimination. Some armors can enhance the durability of the hero by blocking the bullets released by the enemies. If devs add new armors, we will list them here. 

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Currently, the best armor or suit in is the Eternal Suit. Eternal Suit is an S-grade armor suit with the aptitude of resurrecting the character, and that too with full vigor. Also, after the resurrection, it increases ATK and movement speed.  

Some good armors are Voidwaker Windbreaker(Gain Berserk for 5 seconds* when dying. All skill damage can absorb HP, + HP), Full Metal Suit(it’s similar to Eternal Suit; comes with resurrection skill but lacks the other buffs and full HP vigor revival), Carapace(equip carapace, and it will block the bullets).

Protective Suit is a decent armor(+ HP, releases radiation pulses when the hero is hit). Army Uniform(Speciality; Inspire effect; healing) and Traveler’s Jacket is an average one(+ healing). Best Armor

So that’s all we got in this post on Best Armor. 

Also, see – codes, tier list(best weapon/skills), tips, and the skills guide.

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