My Dear Farm Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Read on for My Dear Farm guide: tips, cheats & strategies.

My Dear Farm Guide Tips, Cheats & Strategies

My Dear Farm Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

My Dream Farm is an adorable little farming game for mobile, published by Hyperbeard. In the game, you will have your very own farmland to grow and harvest various crops. You can sell the produce for in-game coins and use those coins to buy flowers, trees, other crops, outfits, and accessories for your character. 

This post will cover the basics and some tips for beginners. Check out this post if you are looking for the My Dream Farm codes OR secret passwords

The Basics: How To Play

Your objective in the My Dear Farm game is to buy all the land, max out the character level, discover all the crops, and embellish the farmland with beautiful flowers and items. Currently, the game does not have any quests or missions, so you are free to do anything you like. There is no hurry. Plant the crops in your farmland, wait for them to grow, and then you can harvest/sell them for the in-game coins. 

Leveling In My Dear Farm

When you buy an item, it could be a vegetable or flower, or furniture, the game grants you EXP Stars. On your screen, in the top-left corner, you can see the current level progress; when you get the stars, the level bar gauge fills up, and when it goes full, you level up. The game unlocks new items when you level up. 

TIP: Upon leveling up, a new screen will appear displaying the new items that you just unlocked, and below that, there will be some rewards to claim in exchange for gems. Don’t spend the gems. You better watch the video ad if you want those rewards.

Best Way To Spend Gems

The red gem is precious and one of the most valuable currencies in the My Dear Farm game. You will need the gems to clean up the new area or buy the new land. So save the gems to buy the farmland, and expand your territory. 

How To Get Free Gems In My Dear Farm

1.) Watch the video ad for five gems; head to the shop by tapping the + icon on the gem in the top-right corner. 

My Dear Farm Guide- Tips, Cheats & Strategies

2.) Tap the buggy(horse-drawn wagon) to get free gems.

My Dear Farm Guide- Tips, Cheats & Strategies -1

3.) Sometimes, a balloon containing gems appears on the screen. Tap it to get free gems. 

Or you can complete those “free gems” offer in the shop; you will have to either register on some apps or games. 

How To Get Cute Animals In My Dear Farm

After level 3, you will be able to interact with NPC Nimsi, who sells pets/animals and other items for your animals. 

Play The Mini-Game To Earn Loads Of Coins

The min-game, where you have to tap on the vegetable item as ordered by the customer, pays a lot of coins. It takes you to the vegetable stand where you will sell the crops; pay attention to the customer’s request and select the produce they want. Complete the request while the bar at the top is green for max coins, yellow for basic, and red for very low or none.  You can play it every few minutes or watch the video to grind briskly.

My Dear Farm Guide- Tips, Cheats & Strategies - 2

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