Neural Cloud Reroll Guide – How To Reroll?

Read on for Neural Cloud Reroll Guide.

Neural Cloud Reroll Guide

Neural Cloud Reroll Guide

  • Launch Neural Cloud
  • Tap Game START
  • Tap on Sunborn ID
  • Tap Sign up
  • Enter email address(Gmail recommended)
  • Create/Enter password
  • Register
  • Verify email(check your Gmail account)
  • Complete 1-2 stage
  • Collect pre-registeration rewards from the mailbox
  • Redeem these Neural Cloud codes; if available
  • Summon
  • If you are not happy, log out from the current account.
  • On the title screen, tap game start
  • Choose Sunborn Id
  • Tap on sign up
  • Use the salt email address to create a new account with the same Gmail account you used earlier(Description below)

Sunborn ID -> Sign up -> Enter the salt email address to keep using one Gmail account as many times as you want (suppose your email address is “[email protected].” You can enter “[email protected]”. Just add +1, +2, +3, +4, and so on before @to use the same email for a new game account). 

Verify. You will receive the password/code/verification on your main email address([email protected] as per this example)(wait for a minute or two). Check the spam section in case Gmail marks it as spam.

  • Or – 2nd Method
  • Launch Neural Cloud
  • Tap on Game Start
  • Sign in as a guest
  • Progress through the tutorial
  • Complete 1-2 stage
  • Claim pre-registeration rewards
  • Redeem these Neural Cloud codes; if available
  • Go to summons
  • Select the Designated Neural Acquisition banner
  • Select one unit out of eight available on this banner(Recommended; Nanaka); check the tier list here.
  • Spend 980 Quartz Sand
  • That concludes the 3-star selector process. It should be sufficient for casual players. If you want more 3-star characters, keep playing the game, and do the dailies and other missions to earn more gacha currency.
  • Spend the gacha currency on summons and aim for another top-tier character. 
  • If you are unhappy with the result, log out from the current account. Clear the game data. Restart. Alternatively, you can use another email ID and sign up for a new Sunborn account to start the game over. Or, use another service available; Twitter/FB/Google. 

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So this would be all in this post on Neural Cloud reroll guide. We will update the reroll guide if the devs made any changes to the game, like the alternative reroll method.  

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