Panilla Saga Reroll Guide – Complete Process

Read on for a complete Panilla Saga Reroll Guide. 

Panilla Saga Reroll Guide

Panilla Saga Reroll Guide – Complete Reroll Process

  • Launch Panilla Saga
  • Log in as a guest
  • Progress through the tutorial
  • Check the in-game mail for pre-registeration reward
  • Go to the camp screen and tap on the summon banner in the lower-left
  • Select a banner; pick-up/regular/faction/friendship(pick-up or regular in reroll process)
  • Use the ten gold tickets
  • Redeem the Panilla Saga codes to get more diamonds
  • Use the diamonds to summon characters
  • If you don’t get top-tier characters, clear the game data and start again.
  • Use our Panilla Saga tier list to know the best characters

Panilla Saga Reroll Guide In Detail:

First, you have to log in as a guest account. Afterward, go through the tutorial, and after a certain number of stages, you can access the other menus in the game. On the hall menu(journey), in the top-right corner, expand the menu by tapping the down arrow key below the quest option. 

Tap mail and claim all the rewards. Pre-registeration rewards grant SSR Arthur, X10 gold tickets, diamonds, and other rewards. Then redeem these Panilla Saga codes to get more diamonds. After claiming all the rewards and redeeming the codes, go to the camp screen. 

On the camp screen, in the lower-left corner, tap on the gacha banner. A new screen will open up where you will obtain characters by spending friendship points, crystal summon vouchers, diamonds, and gold tickets. 

Spend the gold tickets and the diamonds. If you get the top-tier character, tap the profile icon at the top of the game screen -> account bind -> link the game to Google or FB to save progress. If you didn’t get any top-tier characters, clear the game data and start again. 

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So this would be all in this post on Panilla Saga Reroll Guide. The above Panilla Saga Reroll Guide is based on the English Global version of the game. 

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