Primitive Era Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Read on for the Primitive Era guide: tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

Primitive Era Peace Shield Buff

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Primitive Era

Published by Garena International III, Primitive Era is a mobile MMORTS game that sets in Paleolithic period. Players all across the world will build and embellish their villages on a vast world map. They will engage in fierce battles. As village chief, you will be responsible for its growth, defense, army strength, etc. It has PvE, PvP, Team, and Alliance battle modes.

This Primitive Era guide will cover the basics, tips, cheats, and strategies for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content:

Primitive Era Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

At the beginning of the game, your village is protected by a peace shield. The piece shield ensures that no other players can infiltrate or break into your village and loot the resources. The piece shield will disappear after a few days(7 days), and your village will be vulnerable. Other players can break into and try to loot the resources. 

You can check the piece shield by tapping the chief’s hall -> village buffs.

Primitive Era Peace Shield Buff

It’s your job to build a solid army to protect the village from invaders. Get stronger by training troops, getting and upgrading heroes, researching, setting up the garrison, and increasing storage capacity, beasts, and statues. Let’s learn everything in detail. 

Primitive Era Tips Part I: Best Way To Invest The Rubies

The ruby is an in-game currency in the Primitive Era that you can use to buy buffs, peace shields, VIP points, instant upgrades or construction, top shop in-game items, etc. If you are a f2p player, you must invest it wisely. We recommend investing the rubies to buy the VIP points and upgrade to a few VIP levels. VIP Level provides permanent buffs. 

In the upper-left corner, tap the VIP option. There you can claim the daily VIP rewards; the reward amount varies based on the VIP level. Also, you can see the exclusive VIP buffs. At the top of the screen is a VIP bar showcasing how many VIP points you need to reach the next VIP level. You can get VIP points by logging in daily; claim the daily login VIP point reward by heading to the VIP screen and tapping the login icon in the top-right. 

Another way to get VIP points in the Primitive Era is by spending rubies. At the VIP screen, tap the (+) icon button next to the VIP level bar. There you buy VIP points with rubies. 

Claim free VIP points daily by logging in + spend rubies obtained by playing the game to buy VIP points to increase the VIP level. VIP level grants exclusive buffs such as increased gathering speed, defense, load, and more.

You will need thousands of rubies at later VIP levels, so you can just skip those if you are f2p. First few VIP levels are easy to reach, so just reach there and be done with it. Since you will not be spending gems at a higher VIP level, save rubies for premium items that you will need in the late game.  Primitive Era VIP Points

Primitive Era Guide Part I: Villagers

Villagers affect gold production and some construction. You must ensure that they are getting abundant supplies of food and water. Tap the bonfire plaza and transport the supplies. Build or upgrade the living tent facility to increase the villager cap. Above the VIP option, you can see the number of villagers currently aboding in the village in the top-left corner. 

Primitive Era Guide Part II: Village Buildings

In your village, you can produce numerous resources. Each resource type has a production building and a storage building. 

Food; Produce in Farm, store in Granary. Water; Produce in Purifying Pool, store in Waterplace. Wood; Produce in Logging Shed, store in Lumber Yard. 

Stone; Produce in Stoneworks, store in Stone Yard. Pelt; Produce in Human Shelter, store in Pelt Depot. Charcoal; Produce in Charcoal Kiln, store in Charcoal Depot. 

These resources can also be gathered on the world map; Bramble(food), Tree Farm(wood), Sandy Riberbank(stone), Beast’s Den(pelt), etc. 

Military Buildings

  • Cavalry Camp: Train troops of cavalry type
  • Weapon Stand: Increases Warrior training speed and capacity
  • Witch’s Doctor: Heal wounded troops here
  • Drill Ground: Enhance Warriors here
  • Military Marquee: Formation set up. Assign or select warriors, army here
  • Trial Valley: Discover enemies, earn rewards by eliminating them
  • Altar of the Sun: Enhance and bless
  • Woolly Rhino Statue: Impacts power
  • Infantry Barracks: Melee troops
  • Archery Range: Rang troops, archers
  • Fortress: Garrison, defense
  • Archer Tower: ATK facility alarms you when the enemy breaks into the village
  • Sentinel Camp: Scout. Upgrade it to increase the scouting efficacy

Clan Buildings

  • Assembly Hall: Allows you to join rally battles 
  • Clan Castle: Allows you to join the clan

Beast Buildings

  • Beast Pen: Beasts dwell here
  • Divine Incubator: Hatch beast eggs, get cubs, and eventually, the beasts
  • Fodder Land: Obtain beast feed here

Miscellaneous Buildings

  • Victory Cave: Stores captured goods
  • Crops Garden: RSS/Resources
  • Grocery Bazaar: Merchant
  • Elite’s Territory: Set ane elite queue

Development Buildings

Lucky Garden: Grows trees and blossoms

Sun’s Blessing: Place it around the buildings to give them a stat bonus

Laborer Huts: Laborers are responsible for constructing facilities and upgrades. Build laborer huts to get more laborers. The more laborers you have, the more buildings you can construct and upgrade at the same time

Home of Heroes: Commission heroes for development; heroes have skills that are activated when commissioned. After unlocking this building, you can assign heroes in facilities such as farm, gold mine, logging shed, etc.

Braveheart Guild: Give the hero bracelets to gain some ritual dew; ritual dew is needed to unlock hero skills

Foreteller’s Dome: Research here

Heroes Lodge: Recruit heroes here

Colossus: Boost build speed

Primitive Era Best Custom

In the Primitive Era, the three customs are Farmer, Plunderer, and Trader. Each custom has its advantages and disadvantages; 

Farmer Custom; Increases gathering speed, warrior’s load, and resource protection. Reduces combat performance; decreases march speed, defense, and ATK. Exclusive facility: Crops Garden. 

Plunderer Custom: Increases warrior’s load when striking enemy villages, march queue, healing, converts eliminated troops to wounded ones so you can heal them. Reduces gathering resource production and warrior’s load when gathering. Exclusive facility: Victory Cave. 

Trader Custom: Increases gold production, reduces warrior’s food cost, cost of items at merchant. Cons; wrecked the DEF or resource protection completely. Reduces healing speed—exclusive facility: Grocery Bazaar. 

If you are into PvP combat, Plunderer is the best custom for you in the Primitive Era. If you are not into PvP but in growing the village quickly, Farmer custom is the best. Please do note that this is a PvP FOCUSED game. 

You can change the custom after three days from the date of selection. 

Primitive Era Best Custom

Primitive Era Guide Part III: Heroes Guide

Recruit heroes from Heroes Lodge. Some heroes excel at fighting, while some are good at gathering or increasing production. Tap the hero icon at the bottom of the screen to open the hero screen. It has four tabs at the top; in the battle tab, you will find the heroes with combat skills. You will be deploying these heroes to the battle to fight enemies. Make sure to read their skills and use them according to their strengths. 

In the growth tab, you will find the heroes you can assign to other buildings for a bonus effect, like increasing training speed, production, building speed, etc. 

Level up heroes using magic potions. Unlock their skills with ritual dew and gold. 

Primitive Era Guide Part IV: Military Marquee

Here you can assign warriors, heroes, and beasts. Warriors are the troops, such as archers, infantry, and cavalry, that you train in the archery range, infantry barracks, and cavalry camp, respectively. Upgrade the hero to assign more warriors in the march queue. The more warriors are in the march queue, the more load you get; this amount determines the amount of resources you can collect from a resource site or enemy’s village. 

Research in Foreteller’s Dome to unlock new hero slots. 

Primitive Era Peace Shield Buff

Primitive Era Guide Part V: Troops Guide

Infantry barracks; train melee troops here. Archery Range; train archers or range DMG dealers here. Cavalry; train cavalry here. Upgrade these training centers to unlock high-tier troops; The higher the tier or level of a troop, the more its strength and load capacity. 

Primitive Era Tips Part II: Miscellaneous Tips

In the early game, progress through the chapter quests. Keep training the troops; upgrade the troop training centers and unlock high-tier troops. Upgrade heroes. Send your heroes and the warrior/beast army to battle PvE enemies such as Dire Wolf, Carved Tooth, Giant Warthog, Gold Thief, and Barbarians to earn hero EXP and resources. 

Eliminate barbarians on the map to earn rubies, speed-ups, and recruitment items. You must join an active clan and get the assistance of clan members to launch a rally on the barbarians. Head to the world map by tapping the globe icon in the lower-right corner. Use this search icon in the lower-left -> select barbarians. 

Research in Foreteller’s Dome to unlock new buffs, troops, hero slots, etc. 

Join an active clan. Assist others as well. 

Send heroes and warriors to gather resources(EVEN RUBIES) from the world map. Use the search icon in the lower-left on the world map -> head to the wheat icon tab -> select a resource site, i.e., Bramble, Tree farm, Ruby, etc. Upgrade heroes to increase warrior count. More warriors mean more load. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Primitive Era guide: tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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  1. Habe ständig probleme im spiel primitive era, belohnungen nicht erhalten, heldenrolle eingelöst nichts erhalten, nach wartung bestie jaguar verschwunden

    • The new leader can only be chosen by the old leader. so even though the leader is offline for a very long period of time, his position cannot be replaced. So, when the old leader feels that he will be offline for a long time, it is best to hand over the new leader to players who are often online.

    • The system will automatically notify you when the the clan leader is offline for Xdays, and that you can now have a right to change them

    • for free to play , you get Legendary bracelet of white lion if you recruite him another time , or gather 150 frags , or buy the pack of heroes.