TYPE SOUL Hollow Guide Wiki: Menos, Adjucar & Arrancar

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TYPE SOUL Hollow Guide Wiki

TYPE SOUL Hollow Progression Guide

Here’s the progress path[details are below]

  • Lost Soul -> Hollow[Fishbone] -> Menoscar -> Adjuchas -> Vasto Lorde

TYPE SOUL Hollow Guide Wiki: How To Become a Hollow?

In the Roblox game “Type Soul,” to become hollow, your initial objective is to find a way to die and become a lost soul; right after spawning into the game. You can achieve this by engaging in combat with other players or Non-Player Characters (NPCs) within the game world. By losing the battle and succumbing to defeat, you will undergo the transformation into a hollow and begin your journey in this new form. Embrace the power of the hollow and explore the unique abilities and challenges that await you in Type Soul.

To become a hollow, you must first become a lost soul[eliminate your character by engaging in combat] and once that’s done, press CTRL + K.

TYPE SOUL Hollow Guide Wiki: How To Become a Menos?

In Type Soul, the Menos stage is the second stage of the Hollow progression. To become Menos, players need to defeat other Hollows and consume their essence. By doing so, they will earn experience and gradually evolve into Menos. It is important to engage in battles and defeat Hollows in Hueco Mundo to progress in the game. While it is possible to remove the mask and become a Menoscar at this stage, it is recommended to follow the next step in the progression to further advance your character.

TYPE SOUL Hollow Guide Wiki: Adjucar Progression

After reaching the Menos stage in Type Soul, the next step is to become an Adjuchas. To achieve this, players must continue defeating hollows and other Menos to gain experience and evolve. The Menos Forest in Hueco Mundo is a recommended location to find other Menos for battles. Keep progressing and accumulating experience until you reach the Adjuchas form. It’s important to note that to reach your highest potential and transform into a Vastocar, you must first become an Adjuchas.

Below is a complete guide on Arrancar and Vasto Lorde: 

TYPE SOUL Hollow Guide Wiki: Progression Tips That You Must Know

It is important to note that as a hollow, you have the option to rip off your mask at any point by pressing “CTRL + K.” However, be aware that the earlier you remove your mask, the weaker your arrancar form will be.

Once you have evolved into an Arrancar, you will start at Grade 5 and can begin ranking up. It is recommended to purchase the Flashstep skill from the speed skill tree for 0 skill points and the Hierro skill from the kido skill tree, which can be activated by pressing “U.”

From Grade 5 to Semi-Grade 1, you will primarily require mission EXP to progress. Upon reaching Grade 2, you will have the opportunity to choose a cero path from the Kido tree, but remember that you can only learn one path.

From Semi Grade 1 to Elite Grade, you will need a combination of mission EXP, Grip EXP, and Raid EXP to advance.

As a hollow, you have the ability to change your weapon using a Hollow Box. This item can be obtained by winning raids or purchased at the Karakura Town raid shop for 40,000 Kan.

Continue your journey as a hollow, evolve through different forms, and unlock new skills and abilities. Good luck on your path to becoming a formidable arrancar!

Type Soul Hollow: Hierro

In the Roblox game “Type Soul,” you can activate the ability Hierro by pressing the U key. When activated, Hierro provides a 10% increase in defense and lasts for a base duration of 10 hits before turning off.

To enhance the effectiveness of Hierro, you can obtain and use an item called Hierro Plating. It is important to note that you can only use a maximum of two Hierro Platings.

Using one Hierro Plating will increase the Hierro defense bonus from 10% to 15%. Using a second Hierro Plating will further increase the defense bonus from 15% to 21%.

Hierro Platings can be obtained by defeating Bawabawa in Hueco Mundo, purchasing them from the Karakura Town Shop for 40,000 Kan, or by winning them as rewards in raid battles.

Upgrade your Hierro and strengthen your defense to withstand the challenges that lie ahead in Type Soul!

Type Soul Hollow: Partial Resurrection

In the Roblox game “Type Soul,” to obtain Partial Resurrección, you must first reach Grade 2.

Once you have achieved Grade 2, you need to find an NPC that spawns in Hueco Mundo and engage in conversation with her.

After completing this interaction, an item related to your Resurrección will spawn somewhere in the game map. Your task is to locate the item and bring it to the void pit, where you will begin an obby (obstacle course). It is important to note that once you pick up the item, you cannot fight back or drop it.

Upon successful completion of the obby, you will unlock your partial resurrección skill.

If, at any point during the quest, you die or leave the game, a cooldown of 3 hours will be triggered. To reset this cooldown, you have two options: either wait for the 3-hour period to pass or grip (defeat) 3 players from enemy factions, with each grip reducing the cooldown by 1 hour.

In the event that you fail the quest, you do not need to find the NPC again. Instead, you can enter the Hueco Mundo castle and speak to the pink orb to continue your quest.

Embark on this challenging journey and unlock the power of Partial Resurrección in Type Soul!

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