Sword Art Online VS Tier List Guide

Read on for the Sword Art Online VS tier list guide, where we will rank the best characters.

Sword Art Online VS Tier List Guide

NOTE: The tier list is not updated. Unfortunately, we have discontinued covering the game. 

Sword Art Online VS Tier List Guide

The following Sword Art Online VS tier list ranks characters in these major tiers;

  • Tier 0: Best
  • Tier 1: Good
  • Tier 2: Decent

Sword Art Online VS Tier List Guide: Best Characters

  • Kirito – Tier 0
  • Asuna – Tier 0
  • Lisbeth – Tier 0

Kirito and Asuna are the top-notch characters in SAO VS. Lisbeth, too, is great, but those two are OP. 

Sword Art Online VS Tier List Guide: Good Characters

  • Silica – Tier 1

Sword Art Online VS Tier List Guide: Decent Characters

  • Leafa – Tier 2

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