Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide

Read on for the Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide.

Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide

Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide

The following Path to Nowhere reroll guide is based on the English version of the game. 

Complete 1-4 Stages and Claim Rewards

Progress through the tutorial and complete the 1-4 stage. Head to the game lobby. Tap on the events button on the left -> pre-registeration event button. Claim all the pre-registeration rewards. You will receive Hypercubes and some Arrest warrants. 

Also, tap on the mailbox icon in the top-right corner and claim all the rewards. 

Summon The Characters

After claiming all the rewards, tap on the arrest option on the screen to navigate to the character summon menu. Select a banner. At the official launch, four banners are up; Sin & Conviction, Strange Thoughts, Make or Break, and Sin City. Sin & Conviction is a beginner banner with 20% off. If you want one of these characters; Hamel, Summer, Zoya, Bai Yi, or Demon, this beginner banner would be a good one to use warrants on. 

Strange Thoughts banner has a Summer unit with a high drop rate. Make or Break features Zoya as an exclusive unit. And Sin City is a regular banner with a basic drop rate. 

NOX is a character you can get for free, so aim for other better units. 

Reroll If You Don’t Get Any Top-Tier Characters

You should reroll if you didn’t get any top-tier prisoner or character in the Path to Nowhere. Tap on the level/profile name icon in the top-left corner -> chief info -> tap on the hexagon icon in the lower-right -> log out. Or restart the game, but don’t log in. 

When you are on the title screen, tap on the arrow icon on the right side. This will log out from your current linked account. And then, you will be asked to sign in again; this time, use another service or account you have not linked already. 

So that’s all we got in this post on the Path to Nowhere reroll guide. 

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