Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations – Max Hearts

Our Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations will help you achieve Max Hearts. Get the best food combinations to get max hearts from your partner. Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations – Max Hearts

Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations – Achieve Max Hearts⇓

What we recommend is to stick to the traditional Japanese bento box aka Japanese Food Box combos – with sushi, sashimi, and wagashi, but there are other combs or food combinations that also give awesome results: 

  • Galaxy bento box + chicken hamburger + shrimp tacos + strawberry pudding, gives ~ 689 hearts
  • White bento box + Wellington Beef + roasted vegetables + strawberry cream cake, gives ~ 547 hearts
  • Pink bento box + sushi rolls + sour and spicy shrimp + strawberry pie, gives ~ 780 hearts
  • Cat-like bento box + lemon steamed fish + fresh vegetables + lemon pie, gives ~ 746 hearts
  • Japanese bento box + sushi rolls + fruit salad + raspberry pudding, gives ~ 564 hearts

The end result score seems to fall b/w X550 and X900 hearts, which in our opinion is quite good. 

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The reason we have recommended the traditional Japanese bento box with sushi, sashimi, and wagashi is that it is the easiest option – the reason being sushi the best main course, sashimi is the best side dish, and Wagashi is the best dessert. So even though the Japanese bento box is the 3rd box, it scores very well. 

Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations – How does it work?

First, you need to tap the bento box to select a Main Course, Side Dish, Dessert, and Box. Your partner will grant you love aka hearts depending on how good he/she feels/enjoys. Great food combos bring more love. (Bento box is what you need to prepare before the partner leaves for work)

Your objective would be to score or get as many hearts as possible, at the lowest likely cost, to win the difference, and you can blend a Main Course, a Side Dish, a Dessert, and a Box

You can share the food combos that you use in the game in the comments section below. 

So this would be all in this post on Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations to get the max hearts. 

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3 thoughts on “Adorable Home Kitchen Food Combinations – Max Hearts”

  1. Hi, I tried out the sushi rolls w/ strawberry bento box recipe and got around 300-400 hearts. Then I figured hey maybe I’ll try other combinations. The best one I have so far is beef tartare, fresh cut vegetables, blueberry pie and Galaxy bento box. With 756 hearts

  2. I played this game until it suddenly reset itself and I have to start from zero again. I emailed them, no answer, no help. That was 5 months ago. It’s annoying although I originally liked this game. Ugh, so frustrating.