Animal Restaurant Game: Buffet, Plates, Temp Worker Yolky

In the Animal Restaurant game, the players can unlock Buffet once they reach 1500 star-ratings. Buying Buffet costs you 300K Cod and helps you earn Cod

There are four sections in the game; restaurant, kitchen, garden, and buffet. In the restaurant, you serve the customers. In the Kitchen, you have facilities to cook the recipes. The garden is the place where you grow flowers, make wishes, and add a garden table for the customers. And, at last, the buffet – where you have Conveyor Belts, Ice Cream Points, Self-serve Drinking machines, and Gachapon. The buffet facilities in the Animal Restaurant game helps you earn Cod automatically/Idle – when you are offline. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Animal Restaurant game Buffet guide for beginners. Extras: Animal Restaurant Codes 2021Animal Restaurant Game Buffet

Requirements To Unlock Buffet

You need 300K Cod and must have 1500 or more star-ratings. If you meet this requirement, go to the restaurant screen – at the bottom-center, tap the ⇓ button to visit the Buffet section. Spend the Cod and unlock Buffet. Initially, you will have a Conveyor Belt that serves Buffet Recipes to the customers automatically and you earn Cod passively.Extras: Animal Restaurant Codes 2021

Animal Restaurant Game Buffet

Buffet Recipes

There are two types of recipes in the Animal Restaurant game – freshly made, which are served in the Restaurant. And, the buffet recipes for Buffet. Each recipe has a specific price. You can learn new recipes using the green plates and earn more passive income. Go to the menu -> recipes -> at the bottom-center of the recipes menu, head to the Buffet tab -> there you can learn Buffet recipes. Tap on a recipe to check its worth; self-serve income.

Green Plates In The Animal Restaurant Game

You need green plates to learn buffet recipes. How to get green plates? At the top-left corner, tap the + button next to the Cod amount that you have in the present -> this will open the shop; it has two tabs – Cod Supply Point and Plate Supply Point. Go to the Plate Supply Point tab and claim free plates daily. You can watch the video Ad to get more plates. So this is one of the free methods to get plates.Animal Restaurant Game Buffet

Another method is by hiring the staff worker – go to the menu -> staff tab -> scroll down to the bottom. There you will find a staff character named Temp Worker Yolky. Tap his portrait and hire him. You will need 500K Cod to hire him. He gives you 50 plates every 4 hours. Also, you can level him up for more plates.

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