Shop Titans Ascension – Ascend The Items Using Ascension Shards

Shop Titans Ascension – Ascending an item can be pretty useful as it unlocks the true potential of the blueprints by unlocking a variety of bonusesShop Titans Ascension

In this Shop Titans Ascension guide, you will learn how to ascend the items and why do you need to ascend the item. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Why Do You Need To Ascend The Item?

To get a superior or high-quality item, duplicate item and reduce the resources required to craft it. To craft an item, you need resources. Ascend that item to use fewer resources. When you craft an item, you may get a duplicate item – ascend the item to increase the chances of getting a duplicate item. And, at last, to get superior quality items, you should ascend the item.

How To Ascend The Item?

  1. Go to the crafting menu
  2. Tap on the (i) symbol in the bottom-left of an item
  3. Go to the Ascension tab
  4. Use the Ascension shards to ascend

How To Get Ascension Shards?

  • Open the chests
  • From the Piggy Bank
  • Redeem tokens

Open the chests -> you can get the chests from the quests or the events like the Lost City of Gold. Send the heroes on the quest and you may get the chest; wooden chest, golden chest, etc.  Also, you can get chests from the market.

Piggy Bank – tap the menu button in the top-right corner -> Piggy Bank -> you can claim one piggy bank after every certain hours.

Redeem Tokens – by completing the goals or tasks, you can earn fortune tickets. Go to the fortune zone and play the spin game to get these fortune tokens. Tap the redeem button to exchange tokens for ascension shards, keys, or other items.

If you know more ways to get Ascension Shards, then please comment below.

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So this would be all in this post on Shop Titans Ascension guide for beginners.

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