King’s Throne: Game Of Lust Heroes Upgrade Guide

In this King’s Throne: Game Of Lust Heroes Guide, you will learn all the ways to make the heroes stronger and better for the battles and KingdomKing's Throne: Game of Lust Heroes

There are several ways to upgrade the heroes; using gold, tomes, quality skills, tourney skills, and bond skills. If you have a legendary hero in the King’s Throne: Game Of Lust, then you can improve him further – thanks to Paragon Bonus. When you have (10) Excalibur, you can recruit a legendary hero. And, you can upgrade the legendary heroes’ paragon effect using Excalibur or Grail. For starters, check out this King’s Throne guide for beginners. Also, check out the Maidens list & how to get them. In this post, we have shared all the ways to upgrade heroes. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content – King’s Throne: Game Of Lust Heroes Upgrade Guide.

How To Upgrade Heroes In King’s Throne: Game Of Lust?

Upgrade Using The Gold: –

It’s one of the easiest ways to increase the hero’s power/attributes like military, inspiration, fortune, provisions, etc. Head to the heroes menu and then tap on a hero’s portrait to open his/her profile. Then, in the details, you can check the level bar that displays the level info. Tap the upgrade button next to it to use gold and grant him/her EXP – improves the level and all the attributes.

Improve Using The Tome: –

Tomes; Military Tome, Fortune Tome, Provisions Tome, Inspiration Tome increase the attributes of the heroes. In the details tab under the hero’s profile, on the bottom-right corner, tap the tome book icon -> use the tome books to improve specific attributes of the hero. For example – Military Tome improves the military attribute of the hero. If you are new to the game and have no idea on the attributes system, we would strongly recommend you to check out this post: –

Improve The Quality Of Heroes In King’s Throne: Game Of Lust

Head to the Quality Skills tab in the hero profile. There you can increase the quality score to improve the attribute linked to it. For example – Gerard is one of the heroes in King’s Throne: Game Of Lust. He has various skills; Tactical Analysis, Man at Arms, Mercantilism, Barony Rulership, and Chaplain’s Motivation. All these quality skills are linked to a specific skill. For example – Tactical Analysis skill is linked to the Military attribute. If you improve this skill, the Military Attribute of the hero will get improved.

You can use Manuscript, Quality Scroll, Quality Skill EXP. to improve quality skills. You can earn Quality Skill EXP. in the Training Grounds.

Improve Tourney Skills: –

When the hero’s level reaches 60+, you can send him in Tourney Grounds. These Tourney Skills’ effect will work in Tourney Grounds. You can upgrade these skills using Tourney EXP, which can be obtained from the Training Grounds.

Activate And Upgrade Bond Skills

All the heroes in King’s Throne: Game Of Lust are influenced by Maidens. Raising the intimacy level of a specific Maiden unlocks the Bond Skills of a specific hero. You can further upgrade it using the Maiden EXP. For more information, check out this post –

Paragon Bonus

Legendary Heroes like Arthur can further be improved by raising the Paragon Bonus Effect. You can use Excalibur or Grail to upgrade Legendary Heroes’ Paragon Levels.

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So this would be all in this post on how to upgrade heroes in King’s Throne: Game Of Lust.

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