Ares Virus Is A New Zombie Survival Game For Mobile

Ares VirusAres Virus is a brand new survival game for mobile by Qcplay Limited. Here’s what you need to know about this survival game

The creators of Gumballs & Dungeons has just launched a new mobile game, named as Ares Virus. It is a survival game in which you battle against zombies, explore a number of locations, craft items, and hunt for the survival. The game offers the top-down perspective with simple controls and awesome graphics. In today’s post, we have shared a brief overview of the game.


If you have ever played Last Day On Earth game, then you will find it similar to this game. But Ares Virus has a unique storyline, offers a variety of objectives to the player, and it’s not too easy. It starts with a tutorial in which the game will show you how to control your character, attack enemies; zombies, beetles, turtles, and more. And that’s pretty simple.

For the first time, you will follow your team and go unconscious due to explode. Your teammate will leave you alone at a safe place and continue his mission. A new character named Bodden will help you and shelter you in his home; that’s your shelter in the game, where you can craft weapons, cook items, and build more things.

Since Bodden is also injected with the virus, you will find antibiotics for him. First, you find the gate key(in the room in the shelter), pick up the weapon. And then you will head to the map(arrow sign in front of the main door).

Playing this game is also pretty simple. Unlike Last Day On Earth, the game will guide you through the quests, visible at the top-left or can be accessed from the quest menu. Ares Virus’s quests are also challenging; the quests will guide you to move to new locations, search for items, craft items, and more. And in all these activities, you will have to explore the map.

And all the locations, path, routes are dangerous. There are zombies, dangerous creatures who will stop you. You must craft a better weapon, take some med-kits(Agentia), food, and all the essential items before attacking the zombies.


You can not survive for a long time if you are low on essential items and have no ingredients to craft those items. So you will have to find tons of items in the game to craft, upgrade, make the items. And how do you get them? From the map, killing the zombies, dead bodies and by trading.

And to unlock new items, you will need to find the blueprints.


The premium in-game currency is gold coins, hard to obtain. You get some coins as a newbie reward. Using these coins, you can buy items from the merchant. Not too good for the f2p player.

In short, all you have to do is keep yourself alive. If you died, you can start again from the last point(saved progress). You can save your progress at the shelter, tap the save file icon(near your room).


If you are looking for a good challenging survival game, then Ares Virus would be a great option. It’s not easy though. Zombies are way too powerful. One can not survive with poor gears. You will have to take care of the character’s health and hunger. Type – Online. Genre; Survival. Ratings – OK. Download – Here(Google Play Store). You can check more survival games here.

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1 thought on “Ares Virus Is A New Zombie Survival Game For Mobile”

  1. So much grinding for this game if you enjoy it.

    Toxic Arrows are your best friend, effective against armor enemies and iron toxic for bosses
    quick guide
    Need to collect food like tons of it so you dont have to keep worrying about your hunger meter
    Need to collect wood and armor ingredients and weapon alternately until you get like 300 arrows for boss fights
    Then Medicine collected like herb, honey and advanced herb alternately for hours
    Then collect as much iron as you want, Tip you can run from enemies on iron mine or use slow arrows and collect while their slowed down but real costly for or just kill spiders with spears i try to kill 3 or 4 to minimise durability decreased

    I used the Z money for Ingredients rather than arrows, buy Iron ore or Advanced herb if you really need it to fight bosses to craft medicine and arrows.

    Trick for Toxic Iron Arrows is very challenging, fighting