Epic Seven Hero Specialty Explained: Change, Bonus Effect

All the heroes in Epic Seven game have a unique specialty in a specific field. Here’s all you need to know about Epic Seven: Hero Specialty

In the last post, we discussed almost everything; memory imprint, devotion skill, and much more except the specialty of heroes. You can read that post here. In today’s post, let’s learn about the Epic Seven hero specialty. A player can change the hero’s specialty(for some heroes) and imrove it(skill) further by completing the specialty quest. It unlocks when you increase the hero’s level to 50.

There are two heroes highlighted in the specialty change menu; Kluri and Lorina. You will unlock the specialty quest for them once you increase their level to 50. Lorina is a good hero as compared to Kluri. The reason is its damage power. It’s really great even though she is a 3-star hero. Here’s Lorina stats preview(At level 60, 6-Star, ratings – 4.9/5): –

  1. Attack – 1144
  2. CP – 15047
  3. Health – 4895
  4. Defense – 543

If you have both the characters, then build Lorina rather than Kluri. Kluri’s stats(a good defensive hero, rating – 4.5/5):

  1. Attack – 703
  2. CP – 14814
  3. Health – 5914
  4. Defense -596


Epic Seven Hero SpecialtyAll the heroes(3-star or above) featured in Epic Seven have a unique specialty. Head to the hero’s profile page and tap the specialty button. On the next screen, long press the specialty icon to check the specialty effect and dispatch mission category. Depending on the specialty effect, a hero will provide you bonus/buff when you send him/her on the mission.

In the Sanctuary, head to the High Command. Expand any mission in any category; sanctuary, adventure, hunt, war. And on that screen, at the bottom-left, you can check the number of rewards.

If you select the heroes(matching the mission category and type), you will get an additional bonus. You can send up to four characters on a mission and claim +30% bonus as an additional reward.

It is one of the best ways to level up fast and get free rewards; gold coins, stigma, ancient coins, conquest coins. Also, see –

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So that’s all for now as Epic Seven Hero Specialty. If you know any other bonus, the heroes provide on the basis of specialty, share in the comments below.

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