How To Install Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy(OBB, APK, XAPK, Copy/Pasting)

Last updated on November 14th, 2018 at 03:17 am

Learn how to install the latest updated PUBG Mobile version in Tencent Gaming Buddy and how to install other games(APK, XAPK, OBB Copy/Pasting)

As you know, Tencent Gaming Buddy comes with pre-installed PUBG Mobile and lets you enjoy the PUBG Mobile on your PC. But the emulator users get the latest patch after Android and iOS. For example; Recent Sanhok update arrived in Tencent Gaming Buddy arrived today(13th September) while mobile users got the update yesterday. In this guide, we will explain to you how to install games manually in Tencent Gaming Buddy. After it, you will be able to install the latest version of PUBG mobile in Tencent Gaming Buddy + many more games such as Asphalt 9, Clash Of Clans, Rise Of Civilizations, and more. This guide also covers how to copy/paste OBB files in Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Install Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Requirements: – In the very first step, we will change the Tencent Gaming Buddy language(English to Chinese). After it, we will install the ES File Explorer. Then the emulator will download another engine(around 500MB). Once the download complete, we will be able to run ES File Explorer. Then we will import the files(APK, OBB) to the Tencent Gaming Buddy PC Shared directory. After import, we will be able to see those files in ES File Explorer. Then install the APK and copy the OBB folder in SDCARD/Android/OBB directory. This is just a summary. Let’s learn step by step(with pictures).

Install APK, Copy/Paste OBB IN Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step 1.) Launch the Tencent Gaming Buddy. At the top-right corner, tap the menu button(three horizontal lines near the minimize icon). Choose the settings option. In the basics menu, under the language section, tap the drop-down button and change the language to Chinese. After it, restart the Android emulator(TGB). Make sure to quit it from the tray(In your PC, at the bottom-right corner, where you see date/time) too. Otherwise, it would not run. Install APK OBB Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step 2.) When you restart it, you will see a completely different view. Head to the gamepad tab and on that screen, tap the + option. Choose ES File Explorer APK. You can download ES File Explorer APK from APKPure. Once selected, the game will prompt you a message in Chinese with (i) sign. Tapping the blue color button(confirm) will start the download process. The emulator will download another engine where you will be able to play manually installed games or run apps. You will see the download progress at the bottom of the Tencent Gaming Buddy Window. Install APK OBB Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step 3.) Once the download complete, you will see a blue button just below the ES Explorer icon and a new app named QQ. On the same screen, tap the menu(three horizontal lines at the top-right corner) and choose the third option(settings). Change the language to English and save. Restart the Tencent Gaming Buddy. Make sure to quit it from tray menu too or run the task manager -> right click on Tencent Gaming Buddy and end task.

Step 4.) After changing the language to English, you will see the old UI but with two more apps; Es File Explorer and QQ. Tap the play button to start the ES File Explorer in the emulator. Install APK OBB Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Now, we have installed the ES File Explorer in the emulator engine. In the right side menu, tap the exit button two times to exit an app or go back to the home screen. If it’s running in the Chinese, then you need to change the language in the emulator. Pull the navigation menu(as same as when you swipe from top to bottom in Android) and tap the settings icon. It will take you to the settings. Scroll down to the bottom and tap the option next to A icon. On the next screen, choose the first option and change the language to English. Install APK OBB Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Almost everything is done now. Now, let’s learn how to import files from your PC to Tencent Gaming Buddy. And how to copy/paste OBB file in this emulator.

Import APK, OBB or Any Other Files From PC To Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step 1.) Open the My Computer(This PC or Drive Screen). Now, go to the directory where you have installed the Tencent Gaming Buddy in your PC. For example; I have installed it on the D drive. Open that drive and there should be a folder named “Temp”. Open it -> TxGameDownload -> open the MobileGamePCShared folder. Or simply search in the drive with this keyword – MobileGamePCShared. Paste the file/folder that you want to import. For now, I am taking PUBG Sanhok 0.8.0 version as an example. Download the PUBG Mobile XAPK from APKPure. Rename the file type from .XAPK to ZIP. Extract the ZIP file using WinRar software. It will create a new folder with the same name(file). Open that folder and you will get the APK and in the Android folder, you will get the OBB file(i.e. Com.Tencent.IG).

Copy the APK and OBB file to the MobileGamePCShared folder. Install APK OBB Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step 2.) Launch the emulator again. Run the ES File Explorer. In the app, at the left side menu, scroll down below and turn on the root explorer option. After it, go to the home directory by tapping the / icon. And from that menu, head to the data folder. Install APK OBB Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step 3.) In the data folder, there would be a folder named share1. From there you can access all the files stored in MobileGamePCShared Folder. Install the APK by clicking the icon. Long press the OBB folder(i.e. Com.tencent.Ig) and tap the copy option. Install APK OBB Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy

Once copied, go to the / directory again. Search for SD Card folder -> Android -> In the Android folder, create a new folder named obb. All you need to do is tap the new option and name it as obb. Once created, open it and paste the obb folder(com.yourgame.ig). That’s it. In this way, you can install other APK games in Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Key actions: – Tap the exit button to go back. Double tap the exit button to exit the app and go to the home screen. There you will see the list of apps or games you have installed. As you can see in below picture, I have installed the latest PUBG version in it(along with the pre-installed). To run the games properly, make sure to change the resolution. For example; To play PUBG, you need to run it in 1280*720 resolution. On the same window(home screen), tap the menu button -> engine -> In the resolution menu, choose 1280 or higher. And hit the save button. Restart it. Install APK OBB Games In Tencent Gaming Buddy

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  1. You need to enable the root mode in Es File Explorer. Have you done this? Tap the menu button in Es file explorer app and enable it. After it, you will see these files.

  2. I have done all the above steps but still it shows download failed because the resource could not be found what should i do?

  3. This problem occurs when there is no Obb in the right folder. Make sure to create the obb folder in right location and then create tencent folder(check above) and place the obb file there. It Should work. Recheck

  4. Really, Storage access permission? TGB uses Android KitKat version. And, KitKat does not let the user manage app permission. Can you send the screenshot to our FB page?

  5. Whenever I change to the Chinese language and try to install any external APK it just show an Chinese error “空闲内存不足,请关闭一些程序后重进游” which I translated it to “low on internal memort please close programs and try again” which doesn’t makes any sense

  6. Great game i have ever played but it always shows server not responding in tha lobby section even my wifi speed is 20mbps. Whenever I become dead, it never shows suspectate option. It shows the match has ended. Please return to lobby. There are a lot of bugs after the latest update Please resolve this issue. When you resolve this issue, i will give you 5 star rating. I have aslo sent an mail to pubg team but there is no response from them.

  7. I have downloaded apk and obb from another place not from Apk pure. And I faced problems. The names of the folders and apk are not like you show in screen shoots. And when i run the game, it shows download failed because resources could not be founded. What happen? Only obb (1.4GB) move to Andriod>obb ?? What should i do? tt

  8. @Anonymous Did you enable the root mode in ES file explorer? If it’s showing obb resources could not be founded, then it means obb is not in the right location. You have to place obb in this location: –
    Open ES file explorer -> Internal storage -> Android -> create a folder and name it as obb -> open the obb folder and create a new folder, name it as com.encent.ig -> inside this folder, paste the obb file(for example;

  9. Yatin, bro i have same problem as it is with other user i have also tried on nox and on gaming buddy too but every time it is showing the same that enable storage access permission plz search a way for it and reply as soon as u can coz i cant wait tu run it on my pc bro plz help me

  10. bro is running on standard engine and not on turbo engine ? it does not load the match server timed out ?
    ho to play it on turbo engine?

  11. reply to myself:
    Forget it. Now it’s works as the tutorial says. Just set all the emulator settings to default and everything is okay. No more storage access permission error anymore.

    But my installed app doesn’t show its icon and name. And I need some help about it.

  12. @Chickenugget Do you mean Es Explorer icon on the home screen not showing after installation or PUBG app icon not showing? Please cross check everything from step 1.

  13. Reply to myself again:
    I got it. Just install the APK you got from extracting .XAPK (.zip) file and then replace the obb file like in tutorial says.

  14. i did it but the game runs in a very low FPS ,i tried to low resolution and i tried everything but no results ,help please

  15. those who are still facing problem after copying file successfully in obb folder but the game is not updating, for them, open es explorer go to data folder and again visit data folder, and paste com.tencent.ig folder into date by replacing the existing folder, it should work now!

  16. Even after the coping the files that is com.tencent.ig and obb file in pc shared…i dont get these file in esexplorer although root is enabled…whats the problem…???

  17. When I reach share1 folder, there is no apk inside it even when I create a folder named pubg mobile. And when I go inside the folder I see nothing while when I go to the folder in my pc where i installed the emulator. Temp/mobilepcshared/pubg mobile there is a file named com. Tencent ig ( inside it the main file) and outside there is also an apk which I copy pasted from my mobile. But in es file explorer its not showing even after I refreshed the page many times. Please solve this. Or I should create more folders? Or I should download the 1.8gb apk from browser? What should I do? Please help.

  18. Plz plz help me,i did all that procedure but when i opened tge game an error occured”download failed becouse you may not have purchased the app”
    Plz don’t ignore i really need help and guud about it

  19. Download faild because resource not found.i copied all file and folders obb named
    Plz help me

  20. I have a very huge question that is that once I complete the installation and all, the game starts and works fine too but I wanted to know that there is a blue arrow just on the below left corner of pubg, when we open it there is a message.What is the message about?Do we have to agree with it for something or what?

  21. For all those who are having “Download failed problem” you can fix it by copying the obb file into /-> sdcard -> Android -> [Create a folder named obb ] and then paste the file into it. Later after copying, start the game, it will show “Download failed” message.Then you have to close the gaming buddy [even from tray] and the go back to obb “Folder”, there you will see a new folder named com.tencent.ig or something like that, you have to paste the obb file there and voila! your game will work.

  22. thenx buddy it really help me….love people like u who are not fake and help everyone after seeing many blogs i get u and voila just solve issue in first contact…thenx again…

  23. I had done all that which u taught in the article but still the game stops at one point. In PUBG, the game stops at the loading point and doesn’t continues then.

  24. When i copy the obb file from shared1 to com.tencent.ig att 99% it sais the task failed to copy plz help

  25. @Prashant You have to download the ES Explorer from APKPure. It would be an APK file, which you have to install it in Tencent Gaming Buddy. Change the language -> +(install app) -> wait until the emulator gets download -> once the installation complete, you can install any game APK with Chinese Language settings).

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