Astral Chronicles: Fishing Guide – Bait, Rod, Hook, Etc.

Wondering how to fish in Astral Chronicles and earn Fish coins? Let’s read our Astral Chronicles fishing guide – fish coins, exchange, and much more

Astral Chronicles features plenty of game modes, a good story-line, lots of missions, and much more. You can also fish in the game – catch the fish, sell fish for the fish coins, and exchange fish coins for other supplies such as character shards, equipment, rift tickets, cosmic coins, cosmic tickets, potions, etc. In today’s Astral Chronicles Fishing guide, you will learn how to fish, how to get or earn fish coins, use fish coins, etc. Let’s get started.

Astral Chronicles Fishing Guide – Get Started

Astral Chronicles Fishing GuideThe very first thing to do is to complete the first fishing quest. This quest rewards basic bait and fishing gears; hook and rod. On the right side of the screen, you can check the chapter quest as well as the side quests. This quest falls under the side quest. If you have not completed it yet, then make sure to do it and claim (50) red dumpling, fishing rod, and a hook. If this quest is not available, then you may have to complete other chapter quests. Now, let’s learn how to fish in Astral Chronicles.

Astral Chronicles Fishing GuideFirst, go to a fishing spot. For example – Monsoon Plains, Crandall. Tap the map option on the bottom-right menu -> switch to star region -> select a location -> teleport. Once you are there, tap the mini-map at the upper-right side and find the fish icon. Navigate your character to that fishing spot. Tap the fish icon floating over the ocean to enter the fishing mode. You need three things to fish in Astral Chronicles – Rod, Hook, and a Bait. All these items can be purchased from Abbey’s shop.

Astral Chronicles Fishing Basics

Astral Chronicles Fishing GuideTap the cast button on the bottom-right side of the screen to start fishing. Once the fish takes the bait, you can catch it – all you have to do is keep the hook and fish at the same place. Use the pull button to control the hook position. Tap the pull button to lift the hook or release the button to lower it. Just keep the hook and fish together.

Fishing Level – EXP – To unlock new items in Abbey’s shop or access more fishing functions, you need to increase the fishing level. To increase the fishing level, you need Fishing EXP. Fishing EXP can be obtained by catching the fish. So catch the fish -> earn EXP -> increase your fishing level.

How To Sell Fish, Get Or Earn Fish Coins, Use Fish Coins

You can earn fish coins by selling the fish or complete the requests or daily quests. Use the fish coins in Abbey’s shop to buy high-quality baits, rods, hooks, shards, etc.

How to sell fish – First, go to the fishing spot and there you will find an NPC; Abbey. There would be a fishing icon over her head. Tap it -> choose Abbey’s shop -> the shop has three tabs; fishing gear, supplies, fish. And, at the bottom-left corner of the shop, there is an option to batch sell. Tap it and select the fish that you want to sell for the fish coins. Fishing Gear – In this tab, you get the baits, rods, hook deals. Supplies – Here you can use the fishing coins for shards, potions, cosmic coins, cosmic tickets like items. Fish – use fish coins to buy fish.

Changing Tools Or Bait

If you have bought high-quality baits or fishing gear, then you may want to use it the next time when you go fishing. To change the gears or bait, enter the fishing mode -> at the bottom-center of the screen, tap change tool option -> here you can change the fishing rod, hook, and bait.

The game also lets you switch between discovered fishing places. Enter the fishing mode and tap the Jump button on the right side of the screen and then choose a fishing spot.

To exit the fishing mode, tap the escape button on the upper right side of the screen.

So that would be all in this Astral Chronicles Fishing guide for the beginners. Also, see: –

If you have any question or any other info in Fishing, feel free to share in the comment section below. Thanks for reading this article. Have a good day 🙂

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