Astral Chronicles – How To Get Star Token?

Wondering how to get star token in Astral Chronicles game? Let’s have a look at all the ways of acquiring Astral Chronicles Star Token

For the first time, the need of star token pops out in the chapter (3) – part 4 Curse. In this quest, the game gives a task to you to find out the star token and the NPC on the quest target explains how to get star token in Astral Chronicles. There are two ways to get star token -(1) you can buy it from the magic city location shop – In exchange for coins. (2) By defeating the boss in monsoon plains. Since the game does not guide you automatically like other quests, you will have to find the shop and the boss manually. Let’s get started!

Astral Chronicles Star Toke – From The Magic City Store

Astral Chronicles Star TokenFirst, visit the magic city location. If you don’t know the current location or how to move to the magic city – follow these steps: – At the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the + button to expand the menu. From the menu, choose the map option. On the map screen, on the top-left side -> choose star region -> then choose the magic city and teleport there.

Once you are in the magic city region, you will need to find the store. At the upper-right corner of the game screen, tap the mini-map -> and search for the shop point. On the mini-map, your current location is marked as a star icon. Follow the paths to the shop point(use the virtual pad to move character).

Once you are in front of the shop, enter it(follow the arrow icon indicating the path). After entering the shop, tap the merchant on the counter to see all the goods. These goods include; star token, adamant ore, fish bones, etc.Astral Chronicles Star Token

The star token will cost you around 88K cosmic coins. Tap it and buy. Once bought, tap the chapter quest again and visit the NPC from the portal. And, hand over the Astral Chronicles Star Token to her.

So that’s the easiest way to get star token in Astral Chronicles game.

(2)Star Token – From The Boss Drop

Astral Chronicles Star TokenThere is a boss in the Monsoon Plains region. Defeat him to get legendary equipment or star token or other better rewards. To visit the monsoon plains location, tap the map option from the bottom-right menu -> star region -> monsoon plains. Teleport to that location.

Once you are in the monsoon plains location -> tap the mini-map in the upper-right corner -> now, find the red color beast icon on the map and move to that location. Once you are there, you will find the boss. Tap the boss to enter the battle.

It’s a good idea to build a strong team before fighting against the boss. Make sure max out all the party members, equip them the gear, enhance their gears and then fight the boss. With a low-combat rating team, you would not be able to defeat the boss. Also, consider the party heroes roles – guardian, healers, attackers, etc.

Once you are all set, fight the boss and get star token.

If you are having trouble defeating the boss, then go to the magic city shop and buy the star token from there. So that would be all in this short Astral Chronicles guide to getting star token. Also, see –

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