Mobile Legends: Adventure Wishing Shrine Drawing

Mobile Legends: Adventure Wishing Shrine Drawing – Premium Summon Drawing, Miracle Summon, Friendship Summon – everything you need to know

Many players are wondering is there any trick or cheat in the drawing mechanics. It’s because the game asks you to draw a shape before summoning a hero(es) in ML: Adventure. In today’s post, we will learn about the Mobile Legends: Adventure Wishing Shrine Drawing mechanics. Let’s not waste any time and head to this ML: Adventure Wishing Shrine guide: –

ML: Adventure Wishing Shrine Is Just For Fun

Well, there is no trick or any specific drawing to get or summon a particular hero from the wishing shrine. Draw whatever and go-ahead for summoning – the game will randomly draw heroes. There are three ways to summon the heroes – premium summon, miracle summon, and the friendship summon. Here’s the drop rate(%) chart: –

Premium Summon: –

  • 5-Star – 5% chances of getting a (5) star hero
  • 4-Star – 8% chances of getting a (4) star hero
  • 3-Star – 45% chances of getting a (3) star hero
  • 2-Star – 42% chances of getting a (2) star hero

In the premium summon, you can use the diamonds; the individual summon draws one hero @ 280 diamonds. And, the 10-times pull draws (10) heroes @ 2500 diamonds. Each premium summon gives (10) chest points to the player. Once you have 1,000 chest points, you can open the chest and get a random (5) star hero.

Miracle Summon: –

  • 5-Star – 6.50% chances of getting a (5) star hero
  • 3-Star – 50% chances of getting a (3) star hero
  • Fragments – 43.50% chances of getting (5) star hero fragments

To summon heroes or fragments using miracle summon method, you need miracle summon scrolls. This item can be obtained from the events or using real money. Under the miracle summons, you can draw a specific element hero – light, martial, dark, tech, elemental or the shards. If you don’t know about the elements, you should read our ML: Adventure guide.

Friendship Summon: –

  • 5-Star – 2% chances of getting a (5) star hero
  • 4-Star – 4% chances of getting a (4) star hero
  • 3-Star – 40% chances of getting a (3) star hero
  • 2-Star – 20% chances of getting a (2) star hero
  • 1-Star – 34% chances of getting a (1) star hero

In the friendship summon method, the player uses friendship points or hearts to draw heroes from the wishing shrine. To get hearts or friendship points, add friends and send them gifts daily. If you don’t know how to do it, you should check out our Mobile Legends: Adventure guide.

Coming to the point – there is no hidden secret or drawing to get specific heroes. Draw random shapes and the game gives you a random hero. The drop rate is fixed and wishing shrine drawing does not affect it. So don’t bother in drawing different shapes – if you are lucky, you will get the best heroes. If you have just started playing the game, we would recommend to check out these two articles: –

If you have any questions or tips or tricks or cheats or strategies, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading this article. Have a good day 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Mobile Legends: Adventure Wishing Shrine Drawing”

  1. I don’t think so, I once drew the shape of the electricity logo, and the surprise was a special hero, and the next time, right after, I drew a rose logo, and guess what Another special hero, are you saying that this is a coincidence?

  2. I don’t think it’s realy random though, do you see the energy bar at the top of Crystal ? (Green bar) it’ll depleted as you drawing, but when you drawing thing, there are some shiny points which appear in the line, and I guess the more shiny points you draw the higher chance you get an epic

  3. Well before the update you clicked on the middle point where the lines connect on the crystal and it will glow and give you maniac. Now it’s not happening anymore so I think that spot got moved or there might be a new way