Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival – Arena Guide(Massacre)

Wondering how arena rankings and score works in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival? Let’s read all the details in this Zero City Arena Guide

The 10 players battle each other for the top ranks in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival game’s arena mode. The players who top the arena leaderboard get better rewards in comparison to the players who failed to score well. The arena mode is pretty fun. If you are having trouble understanding how things work in Zero City Arena mode, then you are in the right place. In today’s Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Arena guide, we have shared all the details – arena rankings, arena stores, and the arena chips. Let’s get started!

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Arena Guide & Tips

Let’s learn the Zero City Arena(Massacre) rules first –

  • Total number of players – 10

You will be matched with (9) random players in the arena mode.

  • Participation Cost – Food or Arena Ticket

There are two ways to participate in the arena – use the food or use the ticket. Depending on the participation type, you get the rewards. For example – you will get more arena chips when you choose an arena ticket. On the other hand, if you choose food as the participation cost, you get a small reward as compared to the scene where you use arena ticket. So, if you want more rewards, you should use the arena ticket. However, paying food as a cost is also not a bad deal when you have no arena tickets.

  • The Arena LeaderboardZero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Arena

Once you enter the arena, you will see all the (9) players on the leaderboard. In the initial stage, everyone has (0) rankings. Now, read the leaderboard. You will get the rewards based on your position in the leaderboard. For example – If you top the leaderboard with #1 ranking, you get the maximum reward.

Before you participate in the arena, you can check the rewards: –Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Arena

Usually, the top (3) players get the chest, arena tickets, and loads of arena chips as a reward. Even if you rank at the bottom, you will get a small reward.

  • Total Stages – 5

In each stage, you get a certain amount of time to choose an opponent. At the top-right corner of the screen, you can keep an eye on the stage as well as next round time. At the end of a stage, the rankings in the leaderboard get refreshed.

  • Your Objective

Your objective is to get the top rank. To top the leaderboard, you will have to earn the ranking points. At each player banner, you can check the rewards. If you beat the opponent, you will get the ranking points, which climbs you up in the leaderboard.

Tap the opponent and you can see the number of ranking points that you can earn by beating that opponent.

Usually, beating the top players reward more ranking points.

Zero City Arena – Play Strategically!

See, if you want to top the leaderboard, you will have to beat those whale players. The very first thing that you need to check is the rewards and the opponent’s strength. If the opponent’s strength is quite high, then don’t go for it. Find an opponent with the same or low strength. All you have to do is tap the opponent and read the rewards/strength details.

Zero City Best Team – We would recommend you to build two ranged units and one melee unit. The melee unit – Equip him/her the best melee weapon, best armor(which give the best health and defense stat) – because melee units fight within a close range and protect the back-end units(ranged).

Two ranged units – Either build a chemist(for splash/AoE damage or healing – if you have the gear) or two ranged units(attackers – equip them the best gun, best armor – which give damage or other stats such as dodge, crit boost, and the best accessories – which give CRIT/DMG boost).

How To Get Arena Tickets In Zero City: –

  • From the daily mission crate
  • From the arena mode itself
  • By clearing all crowds of zombies
  • Using the CP

Daily Mission Crate – Complete all the daily missions to get the uncommon mission crate. This crate gives 1-3 arena tickets.

Arena Mode – Sometimes, even if you pay the food as a participation cost, you get the arena ticket reward upon ranking the #1 in the leaderboard.

Crowds of Zombies – Go to the map -> tap the red skull button on the bottom-left side -> show -> clear all the crowds of zombies for free arena tickets.

Using the CP – Go to the map -> arena -> tap the + button next to arena tickets coun -> use the CP.

Arena Store

Go to map -> arena -> store – spend the arena currency for gears.

So that would be all in our Zero City Arena guide for the beginners. Also, see –

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