Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop Guide For Beginners

In this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop Guide, you will learn about the goods, reserve, relic shop points exchange, and much more

In the relic shop, the player can assign the characters – In other words, characters in the relic shop can work as a shopkeeper and will stock goods for the player. Different characters work in different regions; west, north, east – and, provide a different line up of products. After assigning the character in Relic Shop, the player gets to purchase the specific items such as enhancement material, memories, etc. in exchnage for an in-game currency called Yul. For starters, we would recommend checking these posts: –

In today’s post, we will give you an overview of the relic shop. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop Guide: –

Assign The Characters As Shopkeeper

Head to the Relic Shop menu in Black Clover Phantom Knights. On the left-center of this shop menu, tap the Change Shift button -> this will open a new pop-up window where you will see the characters and their working regions; West, North, and East. As we said above, the character’s region will determine the items they will stock for you as a shopkeeper. So for different product lineup, you can switch between the characters or select them based on their region network.Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop

Learn About The Goods

Now once you have selected a character as a shopkeeper in relic shop, a new menu in the relic shop will get unlocked; Goods. Tap the Goods button – this will take you to the stock screen- here you can buy the items like memories, enhancement material in exchnage for Yul, which is the basic in-game currency and can be obtained by clearing the quests. The character on the shopkeeper job or shift stocks the item here. On the item banner, you can check the time left to add that item in the stock. So wait for a fixed amount of time till the character list the item in the stock. After that, you will be able to purchase it.Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop

Learn About The Prosperity

On the Goods menu, on the bottom-left side, you can check the prosperity of regions. The greater the prosperity of the region, the faster and cheaper items can be obtained. For example – if the #1 rank belongs to the West region, then choose a character who works in the West region – for cheaper items.

Character Consumes Energy

After selecting the character in Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop, an energy panel below the shift button appears – it shows the energy level – energy depletes and restores slowly. You might need to switch the characters if they are out of energy.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop Points

These points are acquired when you trade the sheets of the character at points exchnage. In the Relic Shop, tap the Points Exchnage button – on the next screen, you can exchnage the sheets of a character who has already been evolved to 6-star. Exchnage these sheets for points exchnage to acquire Relic Shop Points.

Head to the Point Shop -> there you can buy Equipment & Accessories in exchnage for Relic Shop Points. Also, Gold Nugget, Honing Key, Map like items are available in this shop.Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop

Black Clover Phantom Knights Reserve

Other than A.O.M., A.A, A.B. Skills, some characters have special skills; Dungeon, Relics, and Formation. The characters with relic skill can stock the special items; relics in the reserve. All you need to do is unlock their skill – for most of the characters, the unlock condition is reaching/evolving to 6-star. After that, send or assign this character in the shop and you may discover relics – discovered relics will be stocked in the relic shop.

Limited Shop In Relic Shop Menu

In the limited shop menu, the players can exchnage the event currency, obtained by clearing the Black Clover Phantom Knights event quests. For example – at the time of writing this post, Mereloeona’s Beastly Excercise event is going on. In this event, you complete the event quests and earn Black Jewels+Event Currency; Gold Hunter Coins, Silver Hunter Coins, and Bronze Hunter Coins.

We would strongly recommend you to play and clear these event quests to grind this currency so that you can exchnage it for event-limited items like Phantom Sheets(to evolve a character – 4* or higher), premium quality accessories and equipment. You can also repeat the cleared stages and grind more coins.

Also, you can use the skip tickets on cleared event quests.

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So this would be all in this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop guide for beginners.

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