Black Clover Phantom Knights Guide – Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Started playing Black Clover Phantom Knights? Read on and check out Black Clover Phantom Knight guide with full of cheats, tips & tricks for beginnersBlack Clover Phantom Knights Guide & Tips

Black Clover Phantom Knights Abilities Guide: –

All the characters in Black Clover Phantom Knights have unqiue abilities, which they use during the battle to crush the enemies. For example – AOM Skill – it’s a special ability that a leader uses once his/her AOM gauge is at full level. Pressing the AOM button activates this ability and triggers the effect. As we said above, all the characters have unqiue abilities – so is the AOM skill effect.

Normal abilities are identified as AB I, AB II, AB III – these are the special actions the characters use during the battle – by evolving the characters, the player can unlock these abilities in the Black Clover game.

Another ability is AA(Arcane Art): – When the AA gauge is full, you get to cast this powerful ability by tapping the character icon. The player can enhance this ability in the Grimoire Board menu.

How do you check the abilities of a character in Black Clover Phantom Knights?

For this, you have to go to the Brigade menu where the game displays all the unlocked characters. Hold down your finger on a particular character avatar to open his/her profile menu. Head to the abilities tab to see the character’s abilities.

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Black Clover Phantom Knights Guide & TipsBlack Clover Phantom Knights Characters Guide: –

In Black Clover Phantom Knights, players can obtain characters through summoning – it costs black jewels, the game gives this in-game currency to the player upon completing the story quests or other game modes’ missions’ stages. For example – Honing Gates mode where you open the gate using the Honing key and complete the time-limited missions.

The player can also use Summon Tickets to obtain the characters. These Summon Tickets and Black Jewels can be earned by completing missions or quests.

Tap the Brigade button in the footer menu – this will take you to the character screen. Tap on a character that you want to enhance. This will take you to the Grimoire Board where you can increase the character’s GB in exchange for slates, evolve him, raise the Arcane Art level, unlock new abilities. Black Clover Phantom Knights Guide & Tips

Enhancement requires Grimoire Points that you can obtain by clearing the quests or using the white Ash Slates(can be acquired by clearing the quests, from the relic shop). Evolving requires duplicate characters(sheets of the same character) and Phantom Sheets. Normal character sheets can be acquired from the summoning portal, events, quests. But Phantom Sheets can only be acquired from the events.

So after you tap the character avatar and open Grimoire Board, select the star-level(5-star, 4-star, 3-star, 6-star) -> select the stats that you want to raise -> tap the enhance button. It costs GP and specific material items such as gemstone, amber, treasure trove, character’s memory, crystal, etc. Tap the OK button to confirm the enhancement.

The stats of Black Clover Phantom Knights Characters such as vitality, speed, defense, attack power can be improved using this method. So if you are stuck, make sure to enhance the characters. Also, we would not recommend you to develop useless characters. What are the best characters? Check out this post: –

Black Clover Phantoms Knights Story Quest Guide: –

Tap the Quest button in the footer menu and it will take you to the quest menu where you will find lots of game modes.

  • Main Story Mode – from this mode, you earn Yul, White Slates, Grimoire Points, items like skip tickets, etc.
  • Character Story Mode – earn character-specific material; the memory of the character is required for evolving
  • Free Quests – North, West, South – grind Yul, Skip Tickets, White Slates, Enhancement Material, and much more

Tip – use the skip tickets in the main story and character story mode to quickly grind the items. 

Black Clover Phantoms Knights Deployment Guide: –

The deployment function unlocks when you complete three free quests(north, west, east) in the quest menu. In the footer menu, tap the deploy button – and, from that screen, you can depart the characters; one leader and two additional characters on an expedition to grind rewards like slates, enhancement material.

At the start of the game, you have two slots – so you can send two teams on the expedition. The last slot can be unlocked by reaching the rank 35. Earn EXP by completing the quests to rank up. Tip – repeat the old stages or use skip tickets to grind EXP.

Equip The Gears To Characters: –

From the story mode or other game modes, you can earn relics – Black Clover game features two types of relics – equipment and accessory. The characters can equip one equipment and one accessory. These relics give a stat boost to the character – HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, WIS. You can further improve the effect through upgrading. You will need Yul, duplicate relic, and enhancement material to upgrade relics.

To equip the relics, go to the team setup menu – there you can change the team formation(we will cover the formation guide soon) and change the relic. In this menu, on the bottom-right side, tap the relic button -> tap the relic item below character -> select the relic item that you want to equip.

Complete The Missions

On the right-center of the lobby screen, tap the missions button -> complete daily and grand missions for rewards.

Check Out The Event Missions

Phantom Sheets and other precious items can be acquired from the events. So make sure to complete the event missions, earn event currency and exchange it for phantom sheets, and other precious items. You can access the event shop from the relic shop menu -> limited shop. On the top-left side, below rank status, tap the event banner to check out the event missions.

Learn How To Get Stronger

We have been playing Black Clover Phantom Knights for a while now. The initial battles were easy to clear – but as we progress further, one must increase the power – here are few tips from us: –

  • Equip and Enhance relics; equipment and accessory to the character
  • Make sure to grind; repeat the stages, grind currency(enhancement materials, relics, Grimoire Points)
  • Enhance the character
  • Complete the quests; missions, events, free quests and earn black jewels
  • Use black jewels to get sheets
  • Evolve the character
  • Grind in the event quest mode
  • Don’t waste Phantom Sheets in evolving low tier character
  • Must build the balanced team; include defenders, healers, and attackers

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So this would be all in this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights guide, tips, cheats & tricks for beginners.

This article was last updated on January 21, 2020.

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