Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List – Best Characters Guide

Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List – check out the best top-tier characters featured in latest anime mobile game Black Clover Phantom Knights

In Black Clover Phantom Knights, the player builds the brigade of characters – each character with different abilities, role, type, and relics. It features over 35 characters to collect, upgrade, and use in forming the best team. For starters, we would recommend checking the Black Clover Phantom Knights Reroll guide. In this post, we have shared the Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List – featuring the best characters. It is based on the JP server(the game is available there for about a year now). So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List – Best Characters: –

These are the best characters in the game: –

Langris – Attacker

  • Tier 1

Langris is the latest 5-NAT in Black Clover Phantom Knights. He was added in the February 19, 2020 update. He excels in area attacks – his A.A. skill inflicts 3XL damage to the random enemies in range. It’s better to improve his CRIT rate with relics so that you can get the max out of his abilities. 

Charmy (Dwarf)

  • Tier 1
  • Role – Attacker
  • Arcane Art – Inflicts attack damage, while lowers the attack of the enemy and raise her ATK ratings
  • A.O.M. – Debuff enemy if there two or more AOM participants
  • Ability I – DMG on the enemy and absorbs HP
  • AB II – Raises her defense and speed. Lowers the DEF and SPD of enemies
  • AB III – Raise her CRIT rate. Lowers the enemy’s CRIT rate.

Charmy (Dwarf) is another top-tier character with buff and debuff skills. She was added in the February 26, 2020 update. During the 26th Feb to 4th March event, Dwarf Charmy drop rates will be high(Phantom Festival Banner). The update has also added one more way to power up the characters in Black Clover Phantom Knights; awaken the stats with awakening crystals. 

Devil – Extra

Devil is a god-tier character, now available in Black Clover Phantom Knights Global. He was added to the summoning banner on February 10, 2020. On the JP Tier List, Devil holds the top-rank. He is too good in the PvP Arena Battles. Let’s take a look at his stats: –

  • Role – Extra
  • A.A. – Well, this ability comes with a drawback – it removes the buffs from all the allies – but does damage to the enemies in the range
  • A.O.M. – With this ability, Devil absorbs AOM Participants’ HP and inflicts damage equal to the amount absorbed.
  • AbilityI – Multi-hits the random enemies in range
  • AB II – Forces an enemy to an open space in the front row and seals the formation
  • ABIII – That’s one of his best abilities – it deals damage to all the enemies and has a high chance to stop them using AOM

Fuegoleon(S. Arm) – Defender

Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier ListFuegoleon(S. Arm) is the latest character added to the Black Clover Phantom Knights global version. He is an amazing tank – probably the best one – with high HP and DEF stats that let him soak more damage while fighting from the front line. Also, he possesses some great abilities that increase his armor, attack, critical rate, and gem drop rate for allies. We have covered this character in the latest update guide that you can check here –

Mereoleona – AttackerBlack Clover Phantom Knights Tier List

Mereoleona is one of the best attackers in the game with amazing power, attack stats, and abilities. His Arcane Art skill inflicts AoE damage on the enemies. A.O.M. skill consumes AA gauge and boosts AOM Participant’s Gauges.

Other skills include hitting the enemy multiple times, raising ATK/CRIT of self and allies in the backline, raising own Hate/DEF, low chance to counter.

If you don’t know about the abilities and other stuff, check out this post: –

Zora – JammerBlack Clover Phantom Knights Tier List

This masked guy is also an amazing character with damage abilities: –

  • Arcane Art Skill – Inflicts damage on the enemies in range
  • A.O.M. – this skill gives AOM participants move immunity
  • Trap – Set Paralyzing and Mine Trap on enemies – which causes damage
  • Counter Trap – this skill gives damage immunity to an ally and hit the enemy who attacks them

Black Asta – Damager, CCBlack Clover Phantom Knights Tier List

Black Asta is one of the featured heroes in JP Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List. He has decent HP and ATK stats with powerful abilities to knockdown enemies: –

  • Black Meteorite Skill – DMG an enemy and delay Arcane Art
  • AOM – Absorbs AOM Participants’ ATK and raise own ATK
  • Black Slash – Inflicts damage and dispel buffs
  • Anti-Magic Flow – Grants invincibility and dispel debuffs
  • Black Hurricane – Multi-hit random enemies

Mimosa – HealerBlack Clover Phantom Knights

One of the best healers in the game. You should get her at the start of the game using rerolling. We have discussed her skill in this post: –

Henry – DefenderBlack Clover Tier List

Henry’s HP stats are impressive, which let him absorb more damage in the front-line as a defender. He is one of the best defenders in the game.

  • AA – Inflicts damage, raises DEF, gains armor
  • AOM – Henry restores his own HP by absorbing AOM Participants’ HP
  • Bestowed Atonement – AoE DMG, restores HP, shield allies
  • AB II – gains DMG immunity
  • Magic Absorption – Henry inflicts damage, absorbs HP, and raises own hate

Kahono – HealerBlack Clover Tier List

She is another great healer: –

  • Aria of Recovery – Restores the ally’s HP and prevents flee
  • A.O.M. – Heals AOM participant’s status effects and grant status immunity
  • AB I – Restores HP and dispels status effects from the ally
  • AB II – DMG
  • Curing Carol – Restores HP continuously

Witch Queen – JammerBlack Clover Tier List

Witch Queen has CC abilities that may help you in the battle: –

  • AA – Stuns the enemies
  • A.O.M. – Absorb’s AOM Participant’s HP and gains armor
  • AB I – Lowers the speed and CRIT rate of foes
  • AB II – Restores HP of an ally
  • Puppet’s Blood – Lowers the attack, defense, WIS of an opponent

These are the best characters available in Black Clover Phantom Knights. Tier 1 Characters! Let’s have a look at tier 2 characters.

Tier 2 Characters: –

  • Finral – Jammer
  • Licht – Attacker
  • Yami – Attacker
  • Nozel – Attacker
  • Mars – Defender
  • Noelle(Valentine’s) – Defender
  • Asta(Demon-Dweller) – Attacker
  • Jack – Attacker
  • Grey – Buffer
  • Charlotte – Jammer

Update – Finral has been added in Black Clover Phantom Knights Global Version on February 19, 2020 update. His AA moves enemies in range to open space in the front row and lowers the ATK/SPD with formation match. AB I of Finral raises an ally’s CRIT rate and SPD. AB II is the same as AA. And, AB III gives 2 actions and damage immunity to an ally. It’s better to equip the relic that triggers toughening abilities so that Finral can give other allies more actions. 

Updated – Licht is the new character that we have added in tier 2. He does good damage and can increase the blue gem drop rate. Although, there are better attackers in the game with better stats and abilities – like Black Asta

You can check the skills and other info of all these characters in our latest post on Black Clover Phantom Knights: –

*Noelle(Valentine’s) is the new hero in Black Clover Phantom Knights(available in Feb. event). She possesses amazing abilities that increase her survivability – also, has some support skills that help allies during the battle. For example – self-healing, increases DEF of an ally, gives armor to allies, etc. You can get more details of her in the locked tab of the Brigade menu or check out this post –

Tier 3 Characters: –

  • Luck – Attacker
  • Vetto – Attacker
  • Yuno – Attacker
  • Fana – Buffer
  • Rill – Extra
  • Julius – Extra
  • Jien – Extra

Julius and Jien are two new characters in the game. You can get their info in this post: –

Tier 4 Characters: –

  • William Vangeance- Buffer
  • Lotus – Jammer

Tier 5 Characters: –

  • Rades – Defender

Tier 6 Characters: –

  • Fuegoleon – Buffer

Tier 7 Characters: –

  • Nero – Attacker
  • Vanessa(5-star, Valentine) – Attacker

Vanessa is the new hero/character in Black Clover Phantom Knights. Unfortunately, she is not good. You can get her info in the Brigade menu or check out this update –

In this Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List, Tier 1 characters are the best characters and as we go down further, you have good characters in Tier 2, the average characters in tier 3. Tier 1> Tier 2>3>4>5>6>7. A Healer is a must-have character because you will need her skills to heal allies during the fight – in high-difficulty quests.

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So this would be all in this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List.

This article was last updated on February 26, 2020. Updated – Charmy Dwarf added to tier 1. Finral & Langris have been added to tier 2 and tier 1 respectively. Devil and Licht are the two new characters in the global version. Devil(God Tier, Tier 1). Licht(Tier 2). Added Vanessa(Valentine’s), Noella(Valentine’s) to tier 7, 2 respectively.  Update – Added Fuegoleon Salamander to Tier 1. Update – Added Julius and Jien to Tier 3. The iOS version of the game has just been released.

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