Black Desert Mobile – How To Tame A Horse?

Wondering how to tame a horse in BDM? Read on and find out the step-by-step instruction on how to tame a horse in Black Desert Mobile Game

In this Black Desert Mobile Walkthrough guide, we will teach you how to get the required tools or items from the NPC and tame the horse. First, you need to purchase two products from the NPC vendor – Horse Taming Rope and Raw Sugar. Horse Taming Rope is used to tame the horse in BDM. And, Raw Sugar increases the chances of taming a horse. You can buy both these products from an NPC named Wale, who works in the Velia town. Once you have both these products, you need to find the horse – a horse can be found in the Wild Horse Capture Area like Forest of Seclusion. This is the summary of this post. Let’s learn all the things in detail in this BDM Walkthrough to tame a horse.

Visit The Town And Purchase Horse Taming Rope And Raw Sugar

In each area on the world map, you can find the town. In the top-left corner of the game screen, there is a mini-map. On the bottom-left corner of this mini-map, tap the globe button – this will take you to the world map. On the world map, you will find lots of regions where you can explore, interact with NPCs, fight the monsters, and earn knowledge. For example – Balenos, Serendia. Tap on any of these regions to open their map. On the region map, you will see many check-points or highlighted places including towns. The town area is marked with a home symbol.

For example  – Velia and Western Guard Camp in the Balenos region. Glish and Heidel in the Serendia region. Visit any of these towns. That’s the first step to find an NPC vendor who sells horse taming rope and raw sugar in BDM.Black Desert Mobile Tame Horse

Once you are in the town; switch to the list tab from the map tab in the top-left corner – below the mini-map, there are two options; map and list. Tap list. On the list tab, you will see the NPC list. Tap the NPC with the bull symbol to visit him automatically. For example – Samuel in Western Guard Camp. When you are standing close to the vendor NPC, a shop button appears. Tap on it to open the shop and see the products he is selling. This includes pet food, horse name change coupon, horse taming rope, and raw sugar. We need horse taming rope and raw sugar to tame a horse. Buy both these items by tapping their names – spend the silver to confirm the purchase.

Find A Horse In Black Desert Mobile GameBlack Desert Mobile Tame Horse

Go to the world map by following the steps mentioned in the above section of this walkthrough guide. On the world map, choose a region to open its map. You can find the horse in any region. Once you are on the region map, tap on the highlighted zones where you can visit. When you tap it, a small pop-up window opens where the game gives you additional information about the zone. For example; loot, suggested CP, monsters, etc. Also, it gives you an auto-path option so that you can enter that zone. Now you have to find a zone where you can tame horse – this zone would have highlighted with Wild Horse Capture Area as additional information. So tap on each zone and find the one where you can capture the horse. Auto-path to that zone. For example – Forest of Seclusion in the Balenos region.

Black Desert Mobile Tame Horse

Once you are in the area where the horse can be captured – pay attention to the mini-map. There you will find horse symbols – visit these points and look for a free horse. Check all the points and you will find the horse.

Tame The Horse By Throwing LassoBlack Desert Mobile Tame Horse

When your character is standing close to the horse, a button called tame horse appears on your screen. Tap that button to throw a lasso and get closer to the horse by moving the character towards the horse using the joystick. All you need to do is tap the lasso button once and then get closer to the horse. Sometimes the horse kicks you and escape. Keep trying.

Once the horse is calmed down, you will see three widgets on your screen; feed sugar button, tame horse button and chances of taming. Feed the Raw Sugar to the horse to increase the chances of taming. Once it’s full – tap the tame horse button. After that, a mini-game will start where your goal is to keep the round-shaped circle in the highlighted area on the bar using the joystick controls.

If all things get successful, your character will tame the horse. Name your horse and he will be in the stable in the camp in the next second.

Go to your camp and check out the stable. Tap the stable -> manage -> tap the horse -> take out. You can breed the two same tier horses (must be at their max level) to get an upper-tier horse.

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So this would be all in this Black Desert Mobile Walkthrough guide to tame a horse. Do you have any more questions? Comment below.

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  1. Thank you soooo much for this. Navigating the mobile version has been challenging for me. Kinda stuck on this since desktop version won’t even load for me — and I have a great pc for gaming.