BTS World – How To Upgrade Cards In BTS World?

Upgrade Cards In BTS World
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Learn how to upgrade cards in BTS World – Wondering how do you upgrade a card in BTS World? Let’s find out in our today’s article

Steps To Follow To Upgrade Cards In BTS World: –

  • You need to level up the card to its maximum level
  • Once you reach the maximum level, you can upgrade it
  • Upgrading costs card exclusive upgrade stones
  • Upgrade stones can be acquired from the exchange center and DNA Shop

So these are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to upgrade the cards. Now, let’s find out how to do all these things fast – here are some tips from us: –

Reaching The Maximum Level

The main challenge is to reach the maximum level as soon as possible in order to get the card upgrade. And, as you know, you need EXP items such as flowers, blossoms, and bouquet. If you are out of these items, you will have to grind these EXP items by clearing the missions. All you need to do is navigate to the story mode screen -> at the top-left corner, tap the chapter selection drop-down button -> select any chapter -> clear the missions. Even if you have cleared it already, you can play it again for the rewards such as gold, EXP item, gifts, and more.

Card Exclusive Upgrade Stones

The second requirement to upgrade the cards in BTS World is having enough card exclusive upgrade stones. For example – If you want to upgrade the RM card, you must reach the maximum level(level 30) and then you need RM’s upgrade stones. By card exclusive stones mean, you can not use any BTS member’s upgrade stones in card upgrade.

  • RM’s Upgrade Stones
  • Jin’s Upgrade Stones
  • Suga’s Upgrade Stones
  • J-Hope’s Upgrade Stones
  • V’s Upgrade Stones
  • Jimin’s Upgrade Stones
  • Jung Kook’s Upgrade Stones

If you don’t know how to acquire these card materials, make sure to read our BTS World guide and tips post here.

What Happens When You Upgrade A Card In BTS World?

First – You can only upgrade 3*-5* cards. If the card tier is low; 1*-2*, then you can not upgrade it. Why do you need to upgrade a card? The main purpose to upgrade a card is to increase its maximum level cap. The maximum level of a card is level 30. To increase this maximum level cap(from level 30 to level 50), you need to upgrade it. Keep in mind that this rule is only for (3*-5*) cards. You can not increase the maximum level cap of a low tier card(1* to 2*).

Do You Get Any Reward On These Upgrades?

The rewards rule is pretty simple when it comes to card level upgrades. The player gets gold coins, upgrade stones, gems, gift items when a card reaches these milestone levels; level 5, level 30, and level 50.

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So that would be all in our BTS World how to upgrade cards post. If you have any query, feel free to comment below!

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11 thoughts on “BTS World – How To Upgrade Cards In BTS World?”

  1. I’ve enough update stones and I’ve already reached lvl 30..but still unable to upgrade the cards
    The say to get duplicate card to upgrade it
    Please help with new version card upgrade rules
    Version 1.10.1

  2. Tôi vẫn chưa hiểu lắm! Có ai giúp được không ? Tôi đã có đủ đá nhưng không biết cách nâng cấp. Nếu như nâng cấp thì card sẽ lên level hay là thẻ thành viên.

    • Exchange the duplicate cards to get DNA. Manage cards -> select the card(the one with duplicates – excess copies of owned card) -> exchange -> tap the card -> exchange.