Digimon ReArise – DigiEggs, Incubator, Guest & Gretting Details!

In this post, you will learn how to hatch eggs or DigiEggs in Digimon ReArise – and, what are guests, how to greet guests in Digimon ReArise

From the DigiEggs, you can obtain In-Training I or In-Training II Digimon. The Digimon at In-Training I or In-Training II stage can not participate in the battle. So you will need to raise them or Digivolve them to the Rookie stage. And, the guests are the Digimons of other tamers who visit your DigiTown from time to time. You can visit other tamers or greet them for social points. That’s the summary of this post. Let’s learn all things in detail – Digimon ReArise DigiEggs, Digimon ReArise Greeting Guests!

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Digimon ReArise DigiEggs – Incubator

Digimon ReArise DigiEggs & GreetOn the DigiScreen or home screen of the game, there are two Incubators – on the left and right side of the news board. The first incubator, which is on the left side of the Incubator is available from the beginning, while the incubator, which is on the right side of the news board, unlocks when you join a guild or DigiGuild. Incubator is the device that you use to hatch the DigiEggs. And, as mentioned above, In-Training I or In-Training II stage Digimon can be obtained from a DigiEgg.

⇒Using Incubators

Digimon ReArise DigiEggs & GreetTap the Incubator -> drag the egg from the panel to the Incubator slot to start hatching the egg. It costs the Bit. After a certain hour(s), you will be able to hatch the egg. After that, you need to raise the obtained Digimon – because you can’t put another egg on the hatching process until the Digimon that you hatched earlier reaches the rookie stage.

On the DigiScreen, tap the Digimon, obtained from the DigiEgg. Or tap any Digimon on DigiScreen -> Care menu will open – at the bottom-left corner, there are eight slots for the Digimon, two slots for DigiEggs or the Digimon obtained from the egg and the two slots for guest Digimon(s).

Tap the Digimon in the care menu that you received from the egg -> feed the Digimon -> Digivolve -> rookie stage. You can obtain the food items or care items from the quests or mission.

⇒ DigiGuild Incubator

Once you have joined a guild, you can use the DigiGuild Incubator, which is on the right side of the news board. The guild members can visit each other base and help the friendly tamer or support or assist the tamer – reduces the hatching process.

To request help, follow these steps: –

  1. Tap the DigiGuild Incubator
  2. Hit the Request Help button

To help or assist other guild members, follow these steps: –

  1. Navigate to the DigiGuild info screen
  2. You will see visit button/(!) symbol next to the member’s name
  3. Visit him/her
  4. Tap the Incubator(!) to help

Guild members can care or assist the Digimon(s) who are at the In-Training stage. All they need to do is visit the member’s base from the guild info screen.

Digimon ReArise Eggs List – How To Get Eggs?

Digimon ReArise DigiEggsYou can get eggs from the Underworld game mode or play the Battle Park mode for BP medals. You can exchnage the BP medals in the shop for the DigiEggs. Go to the main screen of the game -> tap the shop option on the right-center -> BP Medal -> there you can exchange the BP Medals fro the DigiEggs.Digimon ReArise DigiEggs

Tap the Egg to get the details. You may get a Digimon that can grow to the Mega stage.

  • Brave Egg
  • Calm Egg
  • Deft Egg
  • Specific Digimon Egg

For more information on Underworld and Battle Park game modes, please head to this guide: –

Digimon ReArise Greet – How To Greet Friends or Digimon(s)?

Digimon ReArise DigiEggs & GreetTo greet friends, tap the social button on the right side of the DigiScreen/lobby. Navigate to the friend menu -> In the list tab, you can check the friend list -> tap the greet or greet all button to greet friends. As a reward, you will get the social media points. It is one of the daily challenges in the Digimon ReArise game.

How to Greet Digimon(s)?

Navigate to the home screen or lobby or Digiscreen. Tap any Digimon or Incubator to open the care menu. In the care menu, at the bottom-left corner, there is a section named guest with two Digimon Slots. You will see the guest Digimon(s) in these two slots. Tap the guest Digimon icon -> tap greet. That’s it.

The guest Digimon(s) don’t stay for a long time – they leave the DigiTown after a certain amount of time. You don’t need to worry because new guest Digimon(s) will replace them or their slots when they leave.

Social Points

Earn by greeting friends or Digimon. In the shop, you can exchnage social points for the food or care items – decor items.

So this would be all in this Digimon ReArise DigiEggs & Greet Info. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below. Also, see –

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