Digimon ReArise Reroll Guide – Which Digimon To Look For?

Wondering how to reroll in Digimon ReArise game? Let’s have a look at our Digimon ReArise Reroll guide – the top tier Digimon to look for when rerolling

In this Digimon ReArise Reroll guide, you will learn how to reroll on Android and iOS. If you are on iOS, then you will have to reinstall the game from the iOS App Store. If you are on Android, follow the steps listed below. Now, let’s talk about the rerolling – you will get the 10+1 free pull chance in the tutorial – from there, you may get a high-tier ultimate or champion rarity Digimon that can Digivolve/evolve to Mega. And, there is a step-up summon gacha that guarantees WarGreymon. That’s the summary of this post. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Digimon ReArise Reroll guide – how to reroll for the top tier Digimon and when to reroll?

Digimon ReArise Reroll Guide

When To Reroll: –

Digimon ReArise Reroll GuideFirst, follow the tutorial until the game unlocks the summon function(after downloading the 255 MB patch -> training and upgrading Digimon, this function gets unlocked). In the summon tutorial, for the first time, you can pull 10+1 Digimon for free at 0 Digiruby cost. Digiruby is the premium in-game currency that you use to summon Digimon. When you hit the summon button, you will see orbs on the screen; blue orb gives rookie that can Digivolve to Ultimate, gold orb gives you a champion that can Digivolve to Ultimate and the rainbow orb gives you an ultimate or champion that can Digivolve to Mega.

If you don’t know what is mega, ultimate, and about Digibolve, please read these guides: –

Once you have done that, check the Digimon’s details; rarity – rookie, ultimate, champion. Since the summon rate is quite low, you may not get the high-tier Digimon at first pull – although, if you get lucky, you may get the top-tier Digimon in the first pull. If you don’t know what is the best Digimon(s) in Digimon ReArise game, then you should check the tier list. Here’s the link to the Digimon ReArise Tier List –

Once you have done that, follow the next phase in the tutorial or complete the tutorial. You may stop at this point and reroll(steps are listed below on how to reroll in Digimon ReArise). But, we would recommend trying your luck in step-up summon.

Digimon ReArise Step-Up Summon: –

Digimon ReArise Reroll GuideFirst, go to the lobby and tap the present box icon on the top-left side. After that, claim the Digirubies(you can earn Digirubies from the story mode, by completing the daily missions). Now, what is step-up summon? In the Step-Up summon, you will spend the rubies.

The cost of summoning increases as you move to the next step. Go to the Summon menu -> step-up summon -> there you can see the step details by tapping the step details button.

Digimon ReArise Reroll GuideThere are five steps: – at the step-5, you will get a high-tier Digimon – WarGreymon. And, it’s guaranteed. But, to reach step 5, you will need a ton of rubies. So follow the quest/story mode and earn rubies.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Five Steps And Get An Ultimate Digimon In Digimon ReArise?

Digimon ReArise RerollTo complete all the steps, you need 570 Rubies. And, each stage gives you (5) rubies as the first time clear reward. So 570/5 = 114 Stages. Let’s calculate –

  • Act 1 – 5 Stages(5*5=25). If you complete this act’s stages with 3-stars, you will get a bonus reward – 20 rubies. So 45 rubies from Act 1.
  • Act 2 – 11 Stages(11*5=55). Bonus reward upon completing all stages with 3-stars – 15 rubies. So 70 rubies from this chapter.
  • The Lonely Pair(Act 3) – 12 Stages(12*5=60). Bonus reward 15 rubies. So 75 rubies from this chapter.
  • The Lovely Mayu’s Cookies(Act 4) – 11 Stages(11*5=55). Bonus reward – 15 rubies. So 70 rubies from this chapter.
  • Protect Keito(Act 5) – 11 Stages(55 rubies). Bonus reward – 15 rubies. So 70 rubies from this chapter.
  • The Librarian(Act 6) – 17 Stages(17*5=85). Bonus reward – 25 rubies. So 110 rubies from this chapter.
  • Dorugamon(Act 7) – 16 Stages(16*5= 80). Bonus reward – 25 rubies. So 105 rubies from this chapter.
  • Act 8 – 7 Stages – 35 rubies. Bonus – 25. 60 rubies from this chapter.

From the above calculations, 45+70+75+70+70+110+105+60= 605.

So by Act 8, you get 605 rubies for free by clearing the chapters. Also, for beginners, the game gives free rubies in the present box. So make sure to collect it. In our progress, we were able to complete all the steps by Act 7(without bonus rewards). And, that just because of these free rubies that you get as a newbie reward. The team we used to complete all these 7 Acts: –

  • Meramon
  • Veedramon
  • PlatinumSukamon
  • Kuwagamon
  • Herissmon

From step 5, we got two rainbow orbs(one ultimate, one champion), two golden orbs(champions). Of course, the MetalGreymon was one of the rare draws. Things get difficult in the Underworld mode where you fight powerful Digimon(s). So you will need a high-tier Digimon team to burst them. On the other hand, adventure mode is quite easy to clear.

We would recommend you to stop if you fail to get one of these Digimons in early pulls(step 1-3): –

Digimon To Look For When Rerolling: –

  • Minervamon
  • HiAndromon
  • Wargreymon

Reroll if you don’t get two of these listed Digimon. You may stop at step 3 in step-up summon or if you have already got Minervamon or HiAndromon, please continue to step 5 and claim Wargreymon. Good if you get more ultimates!

Digimon ReArise Reroll Steps: –

  • Go to mobile settings
  • Head to Apps & Notification
  • Tap DigimonReA
  • Storage -> Clear Data

Every time you reroll, you will have to download the 255 MB patch file. Also, the rerolling process in lengthy/time-consuming. If you play for fun, then don’t bother rerolling! Also, see

So this would be all in this Digimon ReArise Reroll guide for beginners. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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  1. I rerolled my account and on the free get the one that mega to ebemon, and on the 3 first step got the one that mega to sakuyamon. What would you recommend? Continue? O reroll again?