GrandChase Tier List And Rerolling Guide – Best Heroes In The Game

GrandChase Tier ListBuild the best line up in GrandChase by recruiting best characters. Check out GrandChase Tier List and Rerolling guide to grab the best heroes

If you want to start strong and with the SR unit, then a handy reroll guide and tier list will help you. Since the game’s size is over 1 GB and you can not re-install it over and over again for SR pulls, this reroll guide will definitely help you. And if you are looking for the GrandChase tier list, then we have also got you covered. GrandChase game features many types of characters; tank, mage, assault, ranger, and healer + all they come in different grades; SR, S, R, B, A. And you have to build the worthy characters only rather than spending all the in-game currency in developing the useless characters. Let’s get started:- GrandChase tier list and GrandChase Rerolling guide.

GrandChase Tier List – Best Attackers, Mage, Healers, Tank Heroes

Link – Here(Google Spreadsheet). Credit/Source – REDDIT, Subreddit – GrandChase.

The tier list helps you to figure out who are the best characters in the game and in which game mode they are extremely powerful and it also shows you why you need to reroll for them. Along with the character details, this tier list also features recommended sets for the characters. And in addition to the set details, this GrandChase tier list also helps you in clearing the raid mode, dimensional crack missions. So follow the above link and build your best GrandChase lineup. You can read our guide on this game here.


Since the tier list does not feature the picture of the characters, it could be difficult for you to identify the character. Here’s the solution -> In the game, tap diary option -> book -> heroes, you can see the list of all GrandChase characters. You can even try them by entering the practice mode.

Best Grand Chase Heroes: –

  1. Lass
  2. Ryan
  3. Mari
  4. Ronan
  5. Sieghart
  6. Arme
  7. Olivia
  8. Bergamot
  9. Sage
  10. Rasel
  11. Captain Boar
  12. Cleo
  13. Charon
  14. Hanout
  15. Sachi

Grand Chase Best SR Rank Heroes: –

  1. Lass – SR – Assault
  2. Ryan – SR – Tank
  3. Sieghart – SR – Assault
  4. Mari – SR – Mage
  5. Arme – SR – Healer


  • Via Hero Fusion
  • From Diamond Chest
  • Summon Shop
  • Guild Point Shop(SR Ticket)

Grand Chase Best 4-Star S Rank Heroes: –

  1. Olivia – S – Assault
  2. Rasel – S – Mage
  3. Bergamot – S – Ranger
  4. Charon – S – Ranger
  5. Sage – S – Healer
  6. Sachi – S – Healer
  7. Cleo – S – Healer
  8. Hanout – S – Assault
  9. Captain Boar – S – Tank

How To Acquire S Rank Heroes In Grand Chase Mobile?

  • Wizzard’s Labyrinth
  • Raid Mode
  • Prana Shop
  • Fusing Heroes
  • Platinum Chest
  • Diamond Chest
  • Summon Shop

Diary -> Book -> Hero -> there you can check all the details. Additionally, in the tier list, in the recommended tab, you can get all the details; pros and cons + best gear set for them.

GrandChase Reroll Guide – Delete/Reset

For the first time, when you open the game, it will ask you to choose a login method. Don’t link the game to any social media account. Continue as guest login so that you can later reset the progress and start over for SR pulls. After it, follow the story or tutorial. You can skip these activities by tapping the skip button. Once done, follow these steps to reroll: –

Tap the shop button and skip the summon tutorial to get the summon tutorial reward. After it, tap the inbox icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Head to the system mail tab and claim all the newbie rewards. In these rewards, you will get the currency that you will use to summon characters + free characters, items.

After claiming the reward, go back to the home screen -> shop -> go for the premium multi summon to summon 10X characters at once. Once done, check out the tier list to figure out the best characters and check for the characters you got from the summon.

In Case, You Do Not Get The Best Characters!

If you do not get the best characters from 10X multi summon, it’s time to GrandChase Reroll. On the home screen, at the top-right corner, tap the gear icon(settings) -> delete account -> type “Delete Account” and confirm. After it, you will start over. Continue as a guest again and repeat the above-mentioned steps until you get the best units such as Lass, Mari, Sage, and more.

In Case, You Get 

After getting the desired characters, go to the settings -> link the game to Google/Facebook or other social media account to save the progress.

Also, see –

So that’s all for now as GrandChase tier list and GrandChase rerolling guide.

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