Digimon ReArise Plugins: – How To Use Perfectly?

Digimon ReArise PluginsIn Digimon ReArise, you can boost the Digimon’s base stats by equipping the plugins. Check out our Digimon ReArise Plugins details to use them perfectly

If you want to increase the attack stats, defense stats or improve the existing abilities’ effects of a Digimon, then you should try equipping the plugins. You get these plugins from the adventure/story mode chapter stages or other sources(CB Medal exchange, Plugin Summons). In this post, we have covered almost everything that you should know about the Digimon ReArise Plugins. So let’s get started!

Digimon ReArise Plugins

There are three types of Plugins in the Digimon ReArise game: –

  • The plugins that can be used by any Digimon
  • Plugins that can be used by a Digimon with a specific personality(brave, calm, etc.)
  • The plugins that grant bonus effects to specific Digimon

All the Digimon(s) have six plugin equipment slots – so you can equip six plugins to each Digimon. However, not all the slots are unlocked by default. You will need to Digivolve the Digimon to unlock the locked slots. If you don’t know about the Digivolution, read this post: –

Digimon ReArise Plugins – ATK, SPE, and DEF

As mentioned in the above part, a Digimon has six equipment slots – two ATK/SPE/DEF. In the ATK plugin slot, you can equip the ATK tag plugin, In DEF plugin slot, a DEF tag plugin – and, at last, In the SPE plugin slot, you can equip the SPE tag plugin. (2+2+2=6). Now, let’s learn about these three plugins.

ATK Plugin

ATK Plugins increase the PWR/TEC stats of the Digimon(s). PWR/TEC refers to the attack attribute. For more information on Digimon’s base stats, please read out this post that explains everything in detail: –

Some ATK Plugins provide extra stats – increase in critical rate, SPD stats, etc.

DEF Plugin

It increases or improves the DEF(defense) stats of a Digimon. If you want to increase the survivability of a Digimon, you must equip the best DEF plugin.

Some DEF Plugins provide extra stats – increase in HP, counter rate, etc.

SPE Plugin

SPE Plugins grants additional abilities to a Digimon and improves its existing effects.

Equipping, Upgrades, Evolution, Etc.

Digimon ReArise Plugins⇒At the bottom-center on the DigiTown screen, tap the Plugin option -> tap equip plugins option -> choose a Digimon to equip a Plugin. Tap a plugin slot; ATK, DEF, SPE. And, then choose a plugin that you want to equip to the selected Digimon. As the Digimon equips the plugin, you will see the changes in his/her stats immediately.

To remove the plugin, follow the same process -> on the equip plugin screen, select the plugin that you want to remove and then tap the remove button at the bottom-center of the same screen.

So that’s how you equip & remove the plugins.

⇒Plugin Upgrades

Head to the Plugin menu and from there, navigate to Plugin Upgrade/Evolve screen. There you can synthesis Plugins. On the next screen, you will have to select the plugin that you want to upgrade -> select the materials to upgrade the Plugin(select the useless plugins as the material items). It costs a certain amount of Bit and increases the plugin stats.

Once the plugin reaches the max level, you can evolve it, which increases its grade(rank-up – 1* to 2*).

Selling Plugins

The default Plugin storage’s limit is 150. After that, you would not be able to store a plugin. You can sell the useless plugins to free up some space. Head to the Plugin menu -> sell plugins -> select the plugin that you want to sell -> confirm.

Also, see –

So this would be all in this Digimon ReArise Plugins Details.

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