Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum Guide & Tips: Gladiator Token, League

Started playing Evil Hunter Tycoon and wondering how to play PvP Arena/Colosseum? Read on for Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum guide for beginners

Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum Guide TipsColosseum is the arena mode in Evil Hunter Tycoon where players register their team of best hunters deployed in a specific formation and fight other players’ teams. First, you need to build the Colosseum building in the town. It unlocks at town hall level 5. Once built, you will see the enter colosseum button on the top-right corner. Tap it and on the next screen, you will see a lot of leagues. You can play Junior League at the normal difficulty and other leagues such as master league, the elite league can be played once you unlock or reach the hard difficulty mode in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum guide, tips for beginners. 

Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum: – 

Evil Hunter Tycoon allows you to participate in the leagues 20 times a day. Your goal is to win as many matches as you can to improve the rank. More victories will improve your rank and at the season reset, your final rank will decide the number of rewards you will get; these rewards include gladiator tokens/seals that you can spend in the shop -> gladiator tab; use these gladiator tokens or gladiator seal/master seal for high-tier weapons, dragon pet, costumes, etc. 

Final Rank – In Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum rank is finalized on the season reset day. Seasons are reset every Monday Midnight. 

Tips for Colosseum: –

First, you need to register the team of best hunters. Audit all your hunters; check their stats like attack, defense, HP, skills, traits etc. In 5v5 battle mode, you can choose up to five hunters. And, you have to build the team of five hunters wisely(out of 5 hunters, 1 should be selected as an ACE player): –

  • Berserkers(Melee) – Berserker class hunters can stun the enemies and excel at soaking damage – they have good defense and HP stats
  • Ranger – Ranger class hunters are good at inflicting damage
  • Sorcerer – Sorcerer is the mage class in Evil Hunter tycoon with buff/debuff skills. 
  • Paladin – Paladin class has self-healing, shield, and self-buff skills

We would recommend going with two Berserkers, two Rangers, and one Sorcerer or Paladin class. 

Choose the best formation: –

  • Place x2 Berserkers in the front line
  • Place Rangers, Sorcerer, Paladin in back-line

Wait until the Season reset for rewards; Gladiator Seal, Master Seal and use these seals in the shop for high-tier gears, pet, or costumes. 

How To Get Ruby In Evil Hunter Tycoon?

You can get Ruby, Tin Ore like materials from the Trading Post in normal difficulty. In the upper-left corner, tap the skull avatar and change the difficulty to normal. In normal difficulty, monsters will drop the ruby upon killed by the hunters. 

Also, you need to upgrade the trading post to level 2. Once upgraded, select the difficulty to normal next to request to purchase message; tap the drop-down button and select normal difficulty. After that, request the ruby so that hunters can sell ruby through the trading post. 

Also, see – 

So this would be all in this post on Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum guide for beginners. 

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