Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials Guide, Tips: Farming, Hunter Balance

Started playing Evil Hunter Tycoon and wondering how to get materials? Read on for Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials guide, tips for beginners

Evil Hunter Tycoon features an amazing trading function that allows hunters and you trade the materials. You can use these materials for producing other types of materials; for example – to produce Linen Bandage, you need Linen Cloth. For Cake, you need Soggy Flour. And, also for crafting gears and potions. In this post, you will learn about Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials. Let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials Farming: –

  • Use the trading post for requesting the materials
  • Kill monsters and collect the materials from hunting ground
  • Use item drop scroll to farm more materials
  • Dismantle materials
  • Use Elementals for producing the items
  • Selling materials through trading post make hunters rich
  • Craft the gears using materials
  • Sell the gears to hunters

Request Materials From Trading PostEvil Hunter Tycoon Materials Farming Guide Tips

⇒One of the best and main ways of farming the materials in Evil Hunter Tycoon is through the trading post. Tap the trading post facility on your town and the next pop-up screen, tap the request button and choose the quantity; use the +/- buttons to adjust the quantity. For example – if you need to create 100 Linen Bandages, you will need 100 Linen Clothes. So you need to request 100 Linen Clothes. Also, pay attention to the cost of materials. It costs gold coins to purchase materials from the hunters. Trading Post displays the list of all materials you can farm or obtain from hunters. 

Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials Farming Guide TipsWhen you request the materials through hunters, you need to wait until hunters grind the materials. For example – if you request Zircon, you would not get Zircon immediately – it would not be sold until hunters get the materials by killing the monsters. To check the materials hunters have, tap the info button under the banner of hunters in the hunter menu. Tapping the info button opens the profile of hunters. Go to the inventory to check the materials in the bag of a hunter. Hunter kills monsters and gets random materials. If they have the materials in the bag that you need, then you can prompt them to sell them through the trading post. Tap hunter -> item -> sell material. This will force hunters to sell the materials in the inventory through the trading post. Keep in mind that they will sell only if you made the request and have enough gold coins. 

Collect Materials From Hunting Ground

Sometimes, Hunters do not collect all the materials by killing the monsters and these materials drop on the hunting ground. Keep an eye on the hunters killing the monsters and see if there is any material item dropped. Tap on it to collect. 

Use The Item Drop Scroll

Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials Farming Guide TipsItem Drop Scroll is one of the best scrolls in Evil Hunter Tycoon that helps you farm more materials. If you have, you will find it in the special tab in the town storage. Tap it and use it. In the upper-right corner, you can check all the activated buffs(tap scroll icons to check buffs). You can get this item drop scroll from the treasure chests or bonus chests. 

Dismantle The Materials

If you have materials in large stock that you don’t need, you can dismantle them for mana essence and use the magic essence in the shop for the bonus chests. To dismantle materials, go to town storage and tap on the materials that you want to dismantle. 

Use Elementals For Producing Items

Producing bandages in Infirmary, small rooms in the inn, cake/food in the restaurant, juice/beer the tavern cost materials. If you don’t have materials, you can use elementals or Zircon or gems. Zircon is hard to get as the drop rate of this material item is low. But elementals spawn from time to time in evil lands. Collect them and use them for producing the materials or item buff/invitation scroll chests in the shop. 

Evil Hunter Tycoon Selling Materials

As said above, hunters sell the materials if they have(they get materials by killing the monsters). They sell to you through the trading post if the request is made – and for the materials, they charge gold coins. This makes them rich. They spend the earned money in restaurant, tavern, buying potions/weapons/armors/accessories from you. Tap the hunter -> tap (i) symbol -> on the top-right of his/her profile, you can check the number of gold coins he/she has. 

Craft The Gears Using Materials

Materials are required for crafting weapons in the blacksmith, potions in alchemist’s home, accessories in the jeweler, and armors in blacksmith. Tap the craft button to check the materials. Then request them through the trading post. 

So this would be all in this post on Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials Farming guide, tips for beginners. 

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