Exos Heroes Bathory Guide: Overview, Skills, And More

Bathory is one of the top-tier fated characters in Exos Heroes game. Check out Exos Heroes Bathory guide to learn more about her skills and strengths

Exos Heroes BathoryExos Heroes Bathory Guide: –

  • Primary Role – Attack, DMG
  • Type of DMG – Magical
  • Element – Frost
  • Top Parameters – Attack and HP
  • Best Positions; Back Row
  • Grade – Fated
  • Obtain from recruitment method or door to creation 
  • Tier – S+

Bathory Overview & Skills: –

Bathory’s main strength is inflicting AoE DMG(damage to all the enemies over a large area). Additionally, her passive skill is great; it gives mana to front-row allies + chances to grant tranquil mark to the allies with less attack than self. Rera and Uloom are the two characters that can get benefit from this passive skill of Bathory. Rera will be able to do more damage and Uloom will be able to thrash the enemy’s guardian stone. In addition to that, this mark prevents the hero from death. 

The two active skills are Mistelten and Niflheim. With Mistelten skill, Bathory unleashes massive magical power that causes massive damage to all the enemies. This skill requires only x1 mana. With Niflheim skill, Bathory unleashes more damage than the first skill – but, this one requires more mana. 

Exos Heroes Bathory Conclusion: –

Bathory is one of the popular and top-tier heroes in Exos Heroes that you should be investing in if you have. If you have one of these two heroes; Rera and Uloom, better pair them with Bathory to get the benefit from her tranquil mark; it’s amazing and can greatly enhance the performance of these two nats. 

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So that’s all for now in this post on Exos Heroes Bathory guide for beginners. 

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