GrandChase Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Master The Game

GrandChaseGrandChase is a brand new RPG for Android and iOS by KOG Co., Ltd. Check out our GrandChase guide, tips, cheats & strategy to strike down the monsters

The Android version of GrandChase is now officially live on Google Play Store and challenges you to build a party of best characters and defeat all the monsters. GrandChase game features lots of game modes such as PvP, Adventure, Hero’s Tower, and many more. Along with a wide range of game modes, the mobile version of GrandChase game features 70 unique heroes. Your objective is to increase the BP(Battle Power) of the party and defeat the monsters and other players all across the world. In this part, we have shared a detailed GrandChase guide and some GrandChase tips & cheats for the beginners.

The Basics – Most Important – GrandChase Guide

Before we dive into the tips & cheats part, let’s learn the basics first. If you have ever played the games like Might & Magic, Dungeon Hunter Champion, then you can easily understand the mechanics of this game. You can choose up to four characters and three skills for the battle. In the battle, your characters attack the enemies automatically. But you have full control over their movement and their skills.

You start the game from Adventure mode. The tutorial covers how to play, skill research, party editing, upgrading, and much more. If you did not pay attention to the tutorial, we are here to guide you.

All you need to do is focus on your best four characters, develop them by upgrading, promoting, awakening, and evolving. As you move on, the difficulty level will start increasing and it will be hard to clear the battles. After completing the Adventure Mode’s stages, new modes such as PvP, Daily Defense etc. will get unlocked and you will earn more rewards. So, this is the basic GrandChase guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the GrandChase guide and after it, check out GrandChase tips, cheats to master the game.

GrandChase guide

In this part, we will learn about heroes or characters, party, game modes, in-game items, skills, upgrading, evolving, and much more.

  • Characters Guide

GrandChase game features 50+ unique characters and all the characters have different skills & abilities(passive, buffs). The characters are divided on the basis of roles: –

  1. Tank – These type of characters defends other party members by using their skills.
  2. Healer – These type of characters can heal other party members or restore their health
  3. Ranger – Attack from a range
  4. Assault – Attackers
  5. Mage – Attackers

Characters Rarity: – 

  • SR Rank
  • S Rank
  • R Rank
  • A Rank
  • B Rank

Getting SR and S Rank characters in GrandChase game is not an easy task. But the characters with this rank are more powerful and with amazing skills, buffs, and passive abilities.

List Of Characters

To check the complete list of characters, go to the main screen of the game. At the bottom menu, there would be a dairy option, tap it and head to the books section. On the next screen, head to the hero list tab and there you can check the list of GrandChase characters. Tap on a character’s icon -> practice mode to check its performance.

  • How to obtain new characters

You can obtain new characters through summoning. Go to the main screen of the game. Tap the shop icon and choose to summon heroes. There are three options: –

  1. Premium Summon – Premium Hero Ticket is required
  2. Rare Hero Summon – Spend gems
  3. Monster Card – Spend Gems

At the beginning of the game, you have 10+ premium summon tickets and using them, you can obtain 4-star heroes of S and A rank. And gems, this item can be acquired by completing the quests, missions, and achievements.

  • Skills Guide

In the battle, at the bottom-center, there would be a large circle icon – that’s party skill. There are three types of skill the player can activate: – Party Skill, Party Passive, and Defensive Passive. You can unlock new skills by leveling up. You can upgrade the skills, research new skills, and equip that suits your game style. How?

Go to the main screen of the game, tap the party option. On the next screen, in the attack tab, at the left side, just below the characters’ slots, there would be three skill slots. Tap the + icon to add a skill.

Go to the skill research tab and tap on a skill icon. Research to upgrade the skills. Level up to unlock new skills. Make sure to read the info of that skill because all the skill works differently.

  • How to increase the power of heroes?

There are a number of ways to increase the power of heroes in the GrandChase game: –

  1. Train Them
  2. Equip weapons, armors, accessories
  3. Upgrade Them
  4. Promoting
  5. Evolving
  6. Awakening

Training: – 

Go to the party section, head to hero training tab. There you can research and increase the hero’s stats. It requires an item named Blessing of Valor(Jewel). Obtain this item by completing the missions, quests, adventure mode stages, hero’s tower mode, and from the shop. Also, see – Best Open World Games For Android

Equip Weapons: –

Another way to increase the power of a hero in this game is equipping them with weapons, armors, and accessories. These items can be acquired by playing the game. If you have, go to the party tab. Tap on a character’s icon. Hit the manage button -> on the next screen, you will see some slots. Tap the slot highlighted with a red dot. On the next screen, on the right side, choose an item you want to equip. Upgrade the weapons to increase their power.


Tap the character’s icon in the party menu -> manage -> hero growth -> upgrade -> select the material heroes. Heroes used as material to upgrade a specific hero will be removed. So, don’t select main heroes; choose low-quality heroes as material.


Once a character reaches its maximum level, you can evolve it. It requires evostone and these stones can be acquired from daily defense mode. Or complete the adventure mode stages, missions, quests, events. After evolving, you can access to prestige feature and then traits, awakening, and promote.

So, these are some ways to power-up heroes in GrandChase mobile game.

  • Game Modes and In-Game Items: –

  1. Honor Points – Earn by getting victories in the PvP mode. Spend in the shop -> honor points
  2. Guild Points – Join the guild, complete the missions. Spend in the shop
  3. Evostone – Used to evolve a hero. Play Daily Defense Mode
  4. Accessories – Dimensional Boss Mode
  5. Jewel, Hero For Awakening – Play Hero’s Tower Mode
  6. Wizard’s Labyrinth Mode – Para Currency, S Rank Ricket
  7. Gems
  8. Gold
  9. Request Coins

So, this is a GrandChase guide for the beginners.

GrandChase Tips and Cheats: –

#1.) Focus on the adventure mode’s stages first

The adventure mode in GrandChase features four sub-modes; story, chaos, hatred, and destruction. A special reward is granted to the player when he/she completes a set of stages. And you might get a free S rank character. Additionally, you will also earn evostone which is required to evolve a hero. In short, complete the adventure mode to claim all the free rewards. Repeat the adventure mode stages to earn EXP, gold, and weapons.

#2.) Don’t develop all the heroes

Well, you should not develop all the heroes you have. Because if you try to develop all the character, then you will be out of gold and items. Spend gold & items to develop the best heroes only(selected by you in the party). It would be better to develop S or SR rank characters.

#3.) Balance The Team

For the battle, you can choose up to four heroes and you should choose the best heroes. Make sure to balance the team by adding one tank character(for defense), one healer(to heal party members) and two more(rangers or assault). Tap the hero to check its role, power, and skill. Read the characters guide above for more info.

#4.) Train the heroes

Training the heroes to increase their attributes; health, defense, attack, and more. The training guide is mentioned above.

#5.) Complete all the daily missions and get a bonus reward

Go to the main screen, at the bottom, tap the mission option. Head to the daily mission and complete all the missions to claim the bonus reward; adventure’s mark, gems, and evostone.

#6.) Use the skills at the right time

In the battle, you should use the skill at the right time. Because after one-time usage, you will have to wait for a few seconds. For instance; use the healer’s skill when low on health, use the tank character’s skill to defend the members when enemies are leading the battle.

#7.) Summon Daily

You can summon a new character daily for free. Main screen -> shop -> summon -> rare > free.

Last Tip -> Increase the power of heroes(Read the guide above), equip them with gears/weapons, upgrade the gears, and upgrade the skills.

So these are some useful GrandChase tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best offline RPG for Android

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