Guardian Tales Bari Overview: Flower Girl Bari!

How good is Bari in Guardian Tales? Find out Bari’s overview, skills, ratings, and much more in this Guardian Tales Bari overview: Flower Girl BariGuardian Tales Bari Flower Girl Bari

Guardian Tales Bari: Flower Girl Bari⇓

Bari is one of the 3-star heroes in Guardian Tales that inflicts DMG from a distance and capable of crushing powerful enemies in all sort of game modes.  With the exclusive weapon Mayreel, Bari can perform better.

How To Get Flower Girl Bari In Guardian Tales?

Guardian Tales Bari Flower Girl BariYou can get Bari from gacha as well as the mileage shop. Gacha – you will need x300 gems for x1 pull or x2.7K gems for x10 pull – based on the luck, you will get the heroes. 3-star heroes are difficult to get. Since Bari is a 3-star hero, drop chances are very low – keep trying though! 

Mileage shop – Bari is also available in the mileage shop. Navigate to the summon menu. In the lower-right corner, tap on the mileage shop button. It costs x300 mileage tickets to get Bari.

Is there any other way to get Bari? No!

How To Get Bari’s Exclusive Weapon Mayreel?

Guardian Tales Bari Flower Girl BariMayreel(epic basket), which is specific/exclusive equipment of Bari, can be obtained from “equipment gacha” or mileage shop. Summon -> equipment -> spend the gems. Tap mileage shop option -> it costs x300 mileage tickets to get Mayreel. If you already have Bari, you might want to get her exclusive as she may not perform well without it. 

  • Mayreel’s Skill: – puts enemies into an injured state and fires spell bullets(continuously)
  • Compatible Equipment: Basket

Flower Girl Bari Evaluation(With Exclusive Weapon): – 

  • PvE Mode – #1, Best, 9.5/10
  • PvP Mode – #1, Best, 10/10
  • Colosseum – #1, Best, 9.5/10
  • Overall – #1, Best, 10/10

Flower Girl Bari’s Abilities In Guardian Tales: – 

  • Party Buff: +80% Skill ATK(Massive!!), +10% Shield increase at the start of the battle
  • Normal Ability ATK: fires spell bullets to strike the foes
  • Special Ability: +30% ATK increase for x50 seconds when spell bullets are recharged
  • Chain Skill: inflicts massive DMG on the enemies and reduce their earth type resistance (30%, x5 seconds)

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