Guardian Tales Marina Overview: Grand Admiral Marina!

How good is Marina in Guardian Tales? Find out in this Guardian Tales Marina overview: Grand Admiral Marina character infoGuardian Tales Marina

Guardian Tales Marina: Grand Admiral Marina⇓

Grand Admiral Marina is one of the 3-star grade heroes in Guardian Tales that uses a one-hand sword to strike enemies(melee) – as per the current version of the game, Marina is the best tank hero that you can have in Guardian Tales + her DMG is also amazing. No wonder she is the OP unit in all sorts of game modes as per the current version of the game! 

How To Get Marina In Guardian Tales?

Guardian Tales MarinaIn Guardian Tales, Marina(Grand Admiral Marina) can be acquired from mileage shop as well as from the hero gacha/summon. In the mileage shop, it will cost x300 mileage tickets to get Marina. In the hero gacha, you will need 300 ~ 2.7k gems and results would be random; based on luck and drop rate. 

How To Get Marina’s Exclusive Weapon?

Guardian Tales MarinaMarina has an exclusive weapon; Armada. It comes with a skill; Naval Bombardment; naval/water missiles/bomb descend and strike the enemies in range. Its skill animation is pretty amazing! 

Now, coming to the point; you can get Armada from mileage shop as well as equipment gacha. It costs x300 mileage tickets to buy Armada, an exclusive weapon of Marina. Alternatively, you can spend gems on the equipment gacha. Devs release individual equipment gacha banner(+drop rate) from time to time; you can wait for the event or try luck in normal equipment gacha. 

Grand Admiral Marina Evaluation: –

  • PvE Mode – #1, Best, 10/10
  • PvP Mode – #1, Best, 10/10
  • Colosseum – #1, Best, 10/10
  • Overall – #1, Best, 10/10

Grand Admiral Marina Party Buff, Skills In Guardian Tales: – 

  • Normal Attack: – strikes enemies with a sword, throws ⚓(anchor), and taunt enemies. 
  • Chain Skill: – provides 20% water shield to all party members, inflicts DPS
  • Special Ability: -+30% DEF when using pulling skill(normal attack’s pulling skill effect; throws anchor and taunt enemies)
  • Party Buff: +40% HP, +8% Weapon Skill Regen. 

Marina’s Max Stats: –

  • Attack: 659
  • Health: 23,471
  • Defense: 398
  • Damage Reduction: 19
  • Card Slot: 2
  • Fire Resistance: +30%
  • Earth Resistance: -30%

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