Marvel Super War Ant-man – Skills & Gear Build Guide

Ant-man is one of the best heroes in the Marvel Super War. Read on for Marvel Super War Ant-man Skills & Gears build info – how to use and build wiselyMarvel Super War Antman

Ant-man has a variety of skills that you can use to deal damage, evade attacks, and control enemies. Using them at the right time and in the right situation is important. We would recommend building him as a tank/defense and increase survivability. For starters, check out the Marvel Super War guide for beginners or Marvel Super War Tier List. In this post, you will learn how to use Ant-man properly. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Marvel Super War Ant-man Guide: –

  • Use the basic attack to cast quantum rays and shrink the enemy.
  • Use damage skill to inflict physical damage to enemies in range(best on enemies shrunken by the quantum ray’s effect or after Super Soldier skill)
  • When low on HP or in trouble situation, use Ant-Sized skill to turn into a tiny flying ant and escape
  • Become giant using Super Soldier skill – for sustained DPS, CC effect(slow down the nearby enemies)
  • Use ultimate to summon ants to attack the enemies

The Basic Attack And Passive Skill Combo: –

Ant-man’s passive skill is linked with the basic attack. He will unleash a quantum ray in front of him every (10) seconds(use the basic attack to cast quantum ray). This quantum ray shrinks and silence the enemy + causes physical damage. Also, Ant-man deals more damage to these shrunken enemies.

The Damage Skill – Ant Charge & Super Soldier – Launch Skill Combo

That’s pretty basic damage skill with no other effect. Use it to harass or deal basic damage to the enemies in range. When to use? After unleashing the Super Soldier/Launch skill.

Turn yourself into giant Ant-man using the Super Soldier skill – during the giant form, your physical attack power will increase. As you unleash this skill, Ant-man will leap into the air and lands back on the ground – causing PHY DMG. Right after this skill, use the damage skill to cause another damage. Also, this skill reduces the nearby enemies’ movement speed, grants armor, and energy resistance to Ant-man. Although, the attack speed reduces during this skill effect.

Ant-Sized Skill: –

It is one of the best skills Ant-man possesses. Using this skill, you will be able to escape the tense situations; when low on HP or surrounded by the enemies. This skill makes you a tiny fly and increases the movement speed. Although enemies can still attack you – with the movement speed boost, you can evade their attacks.

Ultimate: –

Ant-man’s ultimate summons the ants. These ants will attack the nearby enemy. Since the cooling down period is long, it’s better to use it at the right time.

Use it to enter the battle – before other skills. After unleashing the ultimate, use the super-soldier skill(for damage and control effects) + ant charge(damage) combo for sustained DPS.

(1) Ultimate + (2) Super Soldier + (3) Ant-charge).

Marvel Super War Ant-man Gears: –

Use defense gears and build him as a tank/defense and improve the survivability.

  • Glorious Armor – Defense
  • Hydra Boots – Armor and Movement Speed
  • Starlight Armor – Defense
  • Cloak of Levitation – Defense
  • Deathly Phantom – Defense
  • Megingjord – Defense

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So this would be all in this post on Marvel Super War Ant-man guide for beginners.

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